Friday, January 1, 2016

Got My Shitkickers On

I take the fact that the weeks, months, and years just seem to be flying by as a sign that I am getting older. It does not even seem real that 2015 has come and gone already. Where did the days go when I was a child and time just seemed to move so slowly?

Roughly a year ago I set some goals to make 2015 the year of me. Reflecting on how the year went I wouldn't say that I was as successful as I would have liked but I did make some progress and learn about myself. Sad as I am that I can't say I accomplished all of my goals I can say that I am ready to take on 2016 and my new goals...even if a lot of them are repeats from last year.
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2016 Goals
  1. Drink More Water - Pretty self explanatory. More water less soda.
  2. Work the Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale program - The program works when I work the program. Last year I didn't have guidelines and was just trying to "eat healthier" and I found it just wasn't working for me so I joined Weight Watchers. Lack of commitment to the program was the reason for my lack of success. This year I have the guidelines and the structure I need to truly eat healthier but still allow for indulgences sometimes.
  3. Move More - Working out will become a normal part of my life this year. My body can do more than I give it credit for. Time to let its abilities shine.
  4. Tracking Spending, Budget, SAVE! - I fly by the seat of my pants a lot when it comes to my financial situation. I have the money to cover the bills so past that I don't really worry too much. This year I want to do a better job budgeting, tracking where my money is really going, and replenish my savings account.
  5. Organize / Clutter Free - This year I want to establish a better housekeeping routine to avoid cluttering up my counters, couch, and floor. Being on my own I basically leave things where I set them and they're out of my way. But lets be honest, my place looks a lot nicer when I've taken the time to put away those odds and ends. And after completely spacing on a rent payment last year [so thankful for understanding property managers!] I will definitely be staying organized with my Plum Paper planner and fun Plan in Color planner stickers!
  6. Me Time - I tend to have a lot of me time in my life being single and having long distance friends but I want to be a little bit more intentional with some of it by spending time reading the bible and working towards my goal of reading 100 books.
  7. Skin Care - This could kind of fall under me time too but I think it deserves its own goal. Time to kick the bad habits of sleeping in my makeup, forgetting to moisturize, and washing my face less than I should.
  8. Send More Snail Mail - I love to drop a little something in the mail to put a smile on friend's face. Who doesn't like to see something besides bills and junk in their mailbox? I know smile any time I find good old snail mail in my mailbox from a friend.
I've got my shit kickers on and am ready to get started! Do you have any goals for 2016?

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