Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Goals

Did a whole month really pass between my blog posts?! It's crazy how quickly the last month went by. I last posted about my goals for 2016 and while goals for the year are great it is also important to break down those long term goals into some smaller goals. A January goals post was supposed to happen but somehow it slipped away from me.

Really quick, [because I want a record of it here on the blog] here are my January goals and how I did with them. Workout 12 times: 9/12, not bad. Drink 64oz of water each day: meh, I had some weeks of no water consumption. Work the WW program: I tracked more but didn't really work the program in meal planning and prepping foods that fit into the program. Blog once a week: oops! Reach 5% weight loss goal: I was so so close to this one. I ended the month at 214 [7 pounds lost for the month!] which is one pound from my 5% goal. She Reads Truth Genesis study: I fell behind and it was just hard to get caught up again.

Now onto the February goals!

Workout 12 times - just three workouts a week and this goal is in the bag.
Track every day on WW app - self explanatory here. I just want to focus on tracking and being more aware of what I'm eating and how much for the month. No pressure for big changes.
Blog once a week
Drink 64oz of water a day
Mail V-day cards - Checking this one off already because I dropped them in the mail yesterday!
Eat breakfast - I've been known to skip breakfast because I'm behind schedule in the morning and really can't afford to be late for work.
8 hours of sleep & wake up with alarm - This will help with the breakfast thing and will also make my mornings less stressful and give me a chance to put a little more effort into my appearance.
She Reads Truth - The lent study is coming up and I want to stay on top of it this time. Time to devote some time to "me time".

What are your goals for the month?

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