Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 for Five - Review of Goals

Last week I did my first 5 for Five post hosted by Jenn and Jessica.  My post last week was just setting goals as it was my first time participating.  Now this week I'm going to just be reviewing how I did on those goals because I didn't think it would make sense to post new goals for the week when I wouldn't be around next Monday to review them.  (Hello Maryland!)


1. Go to the gym 3 times this week.  I made this one orange because I went twice.  I kind of forgot that I might be taking Bo to the groomer before heading off to work on Friday so when Thursday night rolled around and my mom asked me to drop him off I couldn't really say no any more.  And by the time Thursday night rolled around it was too late to go back and get to the gym and extra day so not being able to Friday wouldn't matter.  But 2/3 isn't bad!

2. Get up without hitting the snooze button. I knocked this one out of the park!  And you know what?  It felt GOOD to just be up for the day when my alarm went off.  I even think I was in a better mood because of it and not so tired feeling.  I definitely want to try this again another week but this one isn't off to a good start because I'm just not in the mood to go to work this week.  (Vacation mode already?!)

3. Do at least 2 household chores in the next 4 days to help out my mom.  I made this one orange because I know I for sure did one chore (running the dishwasher and all that entails) but I can't remember if I did another one.

4. Put my phone away at work. (use it sparingly)  I didn't do horrible at this one but I know I could use my phone even less while I'm at work.  It isn't that I get in trouble for having it out but lets face it when it's on my desk I see every notification and I just have the urge to check it right away rather than on a break or at the end of the day.

5. Plan breakfast and lunch the night before and do any prep work possible.  I did not succeed at this goal last week at all.  I winged it a lot in the morning which adds unnecessary stress to my mornings.  Definitely a goal to try again another week because I know my mornings will go much more smoothly and make getting out the door easier if I accomplish this.

Once I'm back from vacation I plan on fully participating in the 5 for Five link up, posting goals AND reviewing them weekly.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Non-Scale Victories: Fruit & Gym Time

It's Thursday again which means it's almost Friday so it's almost the weekend and it's time for another post about my non-scale victories of the week.  As I was FaceTiming with Lex for the first time ever Wednesday night (loved chatting with you girl!) we briefly discussed what we would be posting for our NSV for this week and neither of us really knew.  Since then I've done a little thinking and came up with one new one and one you've seen before if you've been around Living n Learning by Amy for a week.

(Side note -- Hello & welcome to all of my new followers.  I'm sure you followed me for a chance to win some awesome giveaways I'm a part of this month but I hope you like what you read and stick around!)

On to the NSV for this week I have two.

My first is that I accepted Lex's challenge to pack snacks and fruit to go with my lunch at work on Wednesday after going wild with crap food on Tuesday.  Not only did I accept this challenge but I knocked it out of the park!  Because I didn't workout yesterday morning I wasn't starving at work but it was great to have healthy snacks available when I was feeling hungry.  I am repeating these snacks (maybe grapes too or in place of an apple or banana) today so I have plenty of options to fuel my hungry body post workout!

My second NSV for the week is continuing to go to the gym.  I've gone a total of three times now and I'm liking it a lot.  Not only am I working towards having victories on the scale but I'm also feeling great following a workout and I'm working on breaking my bad habit of using the snooze button.  So far so good this week and I haven't used the snooze button at all!  I've been working on the C25K (couch to 5K) program at the gym which is a total of 30 minutes consisting of a warm up walk, then alternating running and walking segments, followed by a cool down walk.  By the time I get to work today I will have completed week 1 of the program.  My goal is to get my gym schedule better aligned so I can complete a week of the program in one week rather than what happened with this first one.  (I started on Thursday of last week and am just finishing it this week Thursday.)

Talk to me...

What is one of your non-scale victories for the week?

Don't forget to link up with KJT & Lex!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday - 2/20/13

Start Date: 1/3/13

Today's Date: 2/20/13

Weight Lost / Gained This Week: +0.3

Total February Loss (so far): +2.5

Total January Loss: 2

This week's weigh in wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I'm actually pretty amazed that all I gained was less than half a pound.  I've found that I'm not packing enough good food for work on days I workout.  Yesterday morning by the time I got to work I was STARVING!  I ate two packets of instant oatmeal and not long after that I bought two candy bars (I couldn't make change out of the envelope for just one because there wasn't enough) and I ate one right away.  I made it a couple of hours then and ate my cheese and sandwich around 1pm.  Probably by 1:30 I was already looking for something else to eat which led me to the vending machine for a bag of Cheetos.  I stopped eating after that, regardless of how I felt because I was mentally feeling disgusted with myself for putting all of that crap into my mouth.  My next meal would be dinner at home and I had no idea what we would be having.

Turns out it was pizza, frozen pizza to be exact.  Looking back on it now I realized I kind of stuffed my face then too.  Why?  It seems pretty obvious to me that my body was craving fuel that I didn't give it.

I mentioned what I was eating, and how much, to Lex yesterday afternoon because I was looking for some support and/or advice.  So what does Lex do? Challenges me!  She challenged me to pack 2 snacks and some fruit to go with my lunch.  It's exactly what I needed.  I used to pack snacks for work but then I got lazy and I just haven't been.  When I wasn't working out it was okay because I wasn't really hungry between my main meals.  But that's all changed which means I need to adapt my food to properly fuel my body for the work I'm making it do.

Looking at the stats at the beginning of this post I have a lot of work to do because I've gained back the 2 pounds I lost in January plus an extra half of a pound.  Ugh!  How frustrating is that?!  Seems like I can't get over this hurdle of losing 5 pounds.  I lose it but then I gain it back and lose it again.  I need to break through that!  I'm not going to push myself farther than I can handle but I think I can lose the 2.5 pounds in a week to be back to where I started the month at.  Last month I had a big loss after TOM so I'm hoping that will be the case again this month.  Plus, I'm working out now so that should help too.

Talk to me...

Do you ever run into a hurdle that you can't seem to get past?

Ricci Explains It All February Sponsor Giveaway!

I am sponsoring the lovely Ricci at Ricci Explains It All this month and below is a post about the giveaway her sponsors are pooling together for.
Good morning loves!!! I have something special in store for you today!!! Not only have my amazing sponsors and I teamed up to give you $60 cash money, but the uber generous people over at May Books are giving the LUCKY winner a May Book!!

Double Win!!!

First up I want to introduce you to the lovely ladies who are giving away this cash...

Clockwise from the top left:

Now on to Prize number two...a May Book!!

I LOVE that you can go to their website and design your own book! You pick the back ground, the colors, the name or monogram, and BOOM! It's done.

You can also choose what you want on the inside. Most people choose calendars but I chose a notepad. I love to right down my blogging ideas, lists (ya'll know I'm OCD right?), and just anything else! You can also choose a blank inside or even graphing paper.

I LOVE their motto!!! HA!!

So....to recap this post ONE winner will receive $60 cash money AND their choice of May Book!!!



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tales of a Twenty Something February Sponsor Giveaway!

I am sponsoring the lovely Allie (Tales of a Twenty Something) for the month of February.  Below is the February sponsor giveaway.  Check it out!

If you just so happened to stop in today, you are in luck! Today, 20 of my lovely sponsors and myself have a giveaway planned. I'm sure you are wondering what is up for grabs....

First, let me introduce you to the wonderful ladies involved and then we will get to the part you've been waiting for!

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Now on to the rules:

- Enter below via Rafflecopter
- All entries WILL BE verified, so please be truthful
-Everyone can enter as money will be sent via PayPal
- Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on 2/26
-Winner will be emailed once entries are verified and has 24 hours to respond

Good Luck!

Monday, February 18, 2013

5 for Five

Today marks a first for me on the blog.  This is the first time I am going to participate in the 5 for Five link up hosted by Jenn and Jessica.  What is 5 for Five you might be wondering?  I'm going to send you over to Jessica to read about it because she does a great job explaining it here.


Since it is my first time participating I don't have 5 goals from last week to review how I did so we're just going to jump right into the goal setting for this week.

1. Go to the gym 3 times this week.

2. Get up without hitting the snooze button.

3. Do at least 2 household chores in the next 4 days to help out my mom.  (Today doesn't count because I am at home and am focusing on cleaning my room.)

4. Put my phone away at work.  (Use it sparingly)

5. Plan breakfast and lunch the night before and do any prep work possible.

This week is a bit funny because I have today (Monday) off due to President's Day so I really only have 4 work days to work with but I can make it work.

Talk to me...

What is one of your goals for the work-week?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekly What? #4


Hello weekend!  I hope everyone is enjoying theirs as much as I am so far.

Sometimes during the week there is just not enough hours in each day to do all we need to do plus keep up with our favorite blogs.  Thanks to the lovely ladies (Allie, Jenn & Ricci) at the blogs mentioned in the button above we have the Weekly What?  I recap my posts from the week into one convenient post so you can catch up on what you've missed when you were working your tail off and whatever else you had going on.

And here we go!

I did a little weekend recap because I actually went out and had a pretty great one!

Wednesday = weigh in day for me so I shared how my week went and a couple of goals I set for the week to try and make my next Weight Loss Wednesday post more about successes than set backs.

Random Thursday was all about my last 5 frivolous purchases.  I also mentioned how I'm looking for some guest posters (still am!) to help me out while I'm on vacation.

I also participated in the Non-Scale Victories link up hosted by Katie and Lex and shared my favorite one so far.  I went to the gym for the first time in months and loved the effect it had on the rest of my day!

Another link up by the name of Pit & Peak this time with Allie and Brin.  Here you can read about my Pits and Peaks of the week.


I did another link up earlier today (can you tell I like them yet?).  This time with Lex for My Week In Instagrams.  This was my first time participating in it and it was fun!  I broke the rules a bit and used more than just my last week's Instagrams just because I don't take as many pictures as Lex does during the course of a week.  Think I need to work on that a little bit.  :)

**As I mentioned above I'm still looking for some guest posters.  Please contact me if you're interested in helping me out while I'm on vacation in March.  I'm asking for the posts by Feb. 24th.**

My Week In Instagrams

I have been trying to use Instagram more often so I can participate in the link up hosted by my lovely friend Lex (go check out her blog at www.lifebylex.com).  I might have combined a couple of weeks for this post but close enough right?  My week in Instagrams begins now!

My Maybook planner!

Got pens?

The name says it all

My hair from last Saturday

It's ok to eat Mac & Cheese at work right?

Hot cocoa is a necessity during winter in Wisco!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pit & Peak #6

Hello Friday!!  I am incredibly excited to see you!  Not only is it almost the weekend but it means it is time for Pit & Peak.


Let's get right to things shall we?


~ I have been eating extremely poorly this week.  Tuesday I stuffed my face with Subway and two bottles of Mountain Dew.  Yesterday I had a muffin and hot chocolate for breakfast which was like 500 calories.  And the vending machine has been calling my name yesterday and today.  I haven't noticed a change in how I feel physically but mentally I'm pretty disgusted with myself. I'm looking forward to the weekend to reset and help me start fresh next week.

~ I gained weight.  Like almost 3 pounds in a week.  Sure I probably didn't consume that many extra calories in a week but how depressing is it to see almost 3 pounds on the scale that weren't there the week before?


~ I went to the gym Thursday!  I felt great all day after that.  Pretty awesome that going to the gym, even just once, can have that affect!

~ I have a 3 day weekend to look forward to.  Working for a company that works with banks has its perks.  I'm taking a floating holiday (pretty much PTO) on Monday because it's a federal holiday so not a lot of work will be there for us.  I'm going to get paid to sit at home, do some work around the house, and blog.  How cool is that?!

Talk to me...

What is one of your peaks for the week?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Non-Scale Victories: Gym Time!

In addition to it being Random Thursday which I posted early this morning it is also the day to link up and share my Non-Scale Victories (NSV)!  This is my favorite NSV of all the ones I have posted about so far.

My NSV for the week was definitely going to the gym this morning and completing 30 minutes of cardio.  This was huge for me because I hadn't been to the gym in at least a month or two, if not more.  I completed week 1 day 1 of the C25K (couch to 5K) program and while it was a little rough for a number of reasons the important thing is I went there and I did it!

I have to thank the blogging world for helping me get to the gym.  Reading about Katie going to the gym to work with her personal trainer, Lex hitting the gym for Zumba classes and Halie's work at the track with running has really motivated me to get back to the gym.  If these ladies, and all the rest of you out there, can be getting to the gym for whatever is your thing for workouts why can't I?  There was no reason why I couldn't so I just did it and I feel great about it physically, mentally, and emotionally!

The biggest reason I wasn't getting to the gym I think was that I was not mentally committed to going.  I would think about it and talk about it but what did I ever do to really commit to going?  Nothing.  Yesterday I told Lex and my friend Diane that I was going to the gym the next morning.  I told my mom about it.  I told my aunt I would be stopping by her house to use her shower and get ready for work.  I told the Twitter world.  All of those people I told knew I was going to and how would I feel if I didn't go and had to answer to them as to why I didn't?  Truth is telling that many people really made me accountable to the words coming out of my mouth.  Actions speak louder than words and I wanted to make my actions support my words.

I am pretty sure the words coming out of my mouth changed as well.  In the past I would always say, "I'm going to try to, I might, I think..."  But yesterday I said, "I am."  I was no longer thinking about or unsure if I would.  I was committed!

Something else I did to help get over the mental road block was sleep in my gym clothes.  It removed a step I would have to do in the morning in order to get out the door.  Now had I packed my bags last night I would have made this morning even easier, lesson learned.  Having everything ready will make it so easy to pretty much roll out of bed and go.  And when it's that easy how can you not, right?!

I definitely want to continue this because I have been feeling awesome since I made it to work this morning.  I proved to myself that I can go to the gym in the morning before work, get myself ready afterwards, and make it to work on time.  I have no reason to stop so I'm not going to!

Talk to me...

What is one of your NSV for the week?

Random Thursday: Shopping, Gym Time, Guest Posters

Happy Thursday blog readers!  As you're reading this I am at the gym.  Yes, the gym!  I announce it to the Twitter world yesterday and discussed it with two of my friends (hey Lex!) as well as mentioned it to my mom and let my aunt know I would be stopping by her house to shower afterwards.  So, there are a lot of people that would know and I would have to answer to had I skipped out on this workout.  AND I wrote this post last night which means I set myself up to have to workout!

Moving on to one more thing before we get to the good stuff of today's post.  I mentioned early in January how I would be Maryland bound the first week of March.  It is now the middle of February and in about two weeks I truly will be on the East Coast spending time with my BFF Chelsea.  I will be away from my blog for 8 days and am looking for some guest posters (at least 4) to help fill my vacation time.  Lex has already agreed to be one of my guest posters (yay!) so I really only need 3 more but will take more if there is interest from more than just 3 people.  I would like the guest posts to me by the 24th in order to allow me some time to set up my posts.  Please contact me via email (livingnlearningbyamy[at]gmail[dot]com) or Twitter (@LnLbyAmy) if you would do me the honor of gracing my blog with a guest post!

Finally we are on to the part you have all been waiting for...Random Thursday!!

In no particular order my last five frivolous purchases were...
~Food which I did not need to buy had I gotten my lazy ass out of bed on time the past two days!
~An app that lets you track Weight Watchers points without having a Weight Watchers account.  Not sure that I'm really liking it though and am kind of regretting spending the money (even if it was less than $2).
~The book Taken.  An actual book friends, not a Kindle e-book.  Definitely didn't need it but it was an impulse buy when I saw it at Shopko.
~A new sports bra from Target.  Did I need this, maybe.  Is it helping to motivate me to get to the gym more? (read: get to the gym period)  Definitely!  And it's fun!  Only downside to this reversible sports bra is the tag!  Who wants to look like they're wearing something inside out?!
WTF Champion?!
I can't think of a fifth thing... I am at a loss.  Probably because I am trying really really hard to not spend a lot of extra money so I can pay off my student loans this year.  Some of the items I listed were from a month ago already.  Guess that's a good thing, right?

Talk to me...

What was the last frivolous purchase you made?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday - 2/13/13

Start Date: 1/3/13

Today's Date: 2/13/13

Weight Lost/Gained This Week: +2.4

Total January Weight Loss: 2

My weigh in this week was not what I wanted it to be.  I expected it though and have no one to blame but myself.  I ate a lot of Subway yesterday which I'm sure contributed greatly to that horrendous gain you see above.  I'm talking 6'' egg and cheese on flat bread for breakfast and then I polished off a foot long sub on a not so healthy bread with not so healthy things stuffed inside of it throughout the course of the day.  That's what I get for being lazy on a morning I needed to get my ass moving so I could leave earlier for an appointment.

Now here I am again today not getting my ass moving when I need to leave earlier for an appointment.  But blogging trumps everything and is okay, right?

I just want to lay out a couple goals for the next week quick before I head on into the bathroom to rush getting myself ready.

1. Go to the gym!  I have four days between now and weigh in morning that I can easily go to the gym in the morning before heading to work providing I get my ass out of bed when I need to.  I just got my new sports bra from Target (love it & that store!) so I better start putting it to use or that was wasted money.

Love the color!

It's reversible! (Sorry this is so blurry!)
2. Drink more water!  I need to really start working on drinking more than just 3 glasses of water every day.  Who cares if I have to pee a lot then?  That just means I get some extra activity in my day and at home when I'm usually such a couch  potato it's scary.

3. Watch those portion sizes!  And I don't mean watch them go into my mouth.  I mean cut back on how much I am eating.  Baby steps here.  I'm not going to try and overhaul my diet right away because that will set me up for failure.  So I'm just going to start watching what I am already eating for a while.  See how just cutting back on how much I'm eating can help.

Three goals, seven days...I can do this!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday people!!  Um, right about that...who's ever really happy it is Monday?  Not me.  Especially not today because work was kind of really crazy thanks to the winter storm the East Coast got (banks closed early / weren't open Saturday = lots of catch up work on Monday).  But to find the silver lining in everything the day did go by pretty quickly.

Going back to Friday night though...  After getting home from work and while waiting for my brother to be done working I ordered my Maybook which I won from the giveaway Jenna hosted.  I am so excited to get it!  Once my brother was home from work my family went out for a fish fry at a near by bar.  I enjoyed a cocktail or two with my meal and even brought home a piece of fish to eat for lunch one day this week (probably Tuesday).  We were home by 8:30/9 and I debated about going out but ended up staying in and working on my blog.  If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed I have been having a little bit of technical difficulties since making the move back to Blogger from Wordpress.  My comments on blog posts previous to the move are not visible at all and while comments made on posts after the move are visible on my blog I cannot see them from my dashboard.  I'm learning to deal with it but it is still a bit frustrating.

Saturday morning I was up pretty early so I could go to town for a chiropractor appointment and to get my hair cut.  No big changes in the hair department, just trimmed everything up.  I did have my hair styled before leaving so it would be done when I wanted to go out later in the day.  Note to self: research hair styles before the day of so you have a picture to show the stylist.  While I didn't hate my hair and Chelsea and Jodi thought it was cute it wasn't what I had pictured in my head when I was describing it to the stylist.  But I have no one to blame but myself for that one.  And honestly after I started having fun later in the day I didn't even think about it!

Around 1:30 I hit the road to my friend Jodi's house to have a little girl time before heading to a chili feed at her parents' bar.  We were there from 3 until 9!  We had such a fun time just talking and catching up.  Spur of the moment after finding out that Chelsea and Dan were going to see it Jodi and I decided to see Identity Thief at 9:50.  I really enjoyed the movie and laughed throughout the whole thing.  One of my favorite lines is "What are you a Kenyan?" because I work with a man from Kenya.  I made it home by 12/12:30 but it felt like it should have been much later.  I think sitting at the bar for 7 hours messed with my head a little.  Usually I'm at the bar later in the evening until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday was a lazy day as a result of my late night out on Saturday.  I ended up taking two naps, one shortly after getting up and one after lunch.  So much for cleaning and doing laundry.  I definitely need to learn how to balance being lazy and being productive on the weekends.  It is so nice to not be in school and have to worry about homework any more but that doesn't mean I have to sit around and do absolutely nothing every weekend, right?

And here we are, back to Monday.  It sure is Monday... (Anyone know what song those last four words are from?)

Talk to me...

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Are you good at balancing being lazy and productive on the weekend?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly What?


I was in a blogging funk this week and didn't post as much as I had been in the last couple of weeks which means you didn't miss much.  But in case you missed something it's time for the Weekly What? with Allie at Tales of a Twenty Something, Ricci at A Beautiful Mess (or is it Ricci Explains It All now?), and Jenn at Party of One.


My first post of the week was late Thursday night when I participated in the Non-Scale Victories link up and shared my first experience with Zumba.


I must be on a link up roll because I participated in the Pit & Peak link up with Allie and Brin yesterday.  I had quite the list of Peaks which made me a happy woman.  Read about them and the pits of my week here.

And here we are on Saturday already with the Weekly What?  Told ya you didn't miss much. :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pit & Peak


I am linking up again this week with Allie at Tales of a Twenty Something & Brin at Bold Butter Baby for Pit & Peak.

In case you forgot how it works here's what Allie has to say about the rules...

- Write a blog post with the Pit & Peak of your week.
- Pit = The low part
- Peak = The high part
- Follow your hosts
- Grab a button
(use the code below the picture and put it in the HTML portion of your post, where you watn it to show up)
- Jump around, meet some new ladies (and men), and encourage and congratulate!
*And please, please please, link up a Pit & Peak Link-Up post. We had some trouble last week with people linking up giveaways and that isn't what this is about! We will have to delete your post.

So here we go!


  • I seem to have lost all of the comments on my previous posts when I made the switch BACK to Blogger from Wordpress.  I should have just left it alone to begin with but for some reason I just felt the need to move to Wordpress.  It was the wrong thing to do because look where I'm back again.
  • I have been having some weird dreams in the morning when I'm dozing off between hitting the snooze button.  My ex has been a reoccuring visitor in my dreams.  While what is going on in the dream isn't bad I don't like dreaming about him.  It's weird!
  • I won the Maybook giveaway that Jenna was hosting! (go say hi here)  I have already ordered my planner and cannot wait for it to arrive.  This is my first time winning a giveaway so I was super pumped when I saw it on Twitter. :-D
  • I am no longer a no-reply blogger!  Thanks to some lovely ladies this morning on Twitter (thanks Lisette & Ricci !) & making the change back to Blogger I have my issues figured out.  Whew!
  • I tried Zumba for the first time and sweated my ass off!  I will definitely be considering going again in two weeks when the first class is.
  • I actually have the urge to workout now that I actually got my body moving!  Need to hold on to this feeling.
  • I ordered a new sports bra.  I haven't gotten a new one since high school because the ones I had still fit and why spend money on something you don't need right?  Well I couldn't find any for Zumba Thursday night so I went without and it wasn't enjoyable.  So MIA sports bras were a blessing in disguise? I think so!
Lots of Peaks and not so many Pits is my kind of week!  Now tell me about your week!

Blog Lovin' Take 2

Follow me on bloglovin'.com (again).  :)

I like to move it move it!

Yup, I went and did it again.  I made the move BACK to Blogger.  I swear this is the last time!  Check me out there!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Non-Scale Victories: Zumba!

My first post of the week (finally!) and it's going to be a good one because I am linking up with the lovely KJT & Lex for Non-Scale Victories.


This week I had a pretty huge non-scale victory in my opinion.  I tried out an actual Zumba class!  This was my first workout in quite some time and it has only made me want to workout more!  It was free tonight just to see what kind of interest there would be in the class and the location it's being offered in.  If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that it's taking place at a bar (which has a ballroom).  Thanks to the large interest that was shown in the class there will be more!

My mom heard about it through a coworker who takes the instructors Zumba class already (not sure where though).  I actually saw it on Facebook and didn't think much of it until my mom asked if I wanted to try it.  We tried it together and because I was talking about it on Twitter (my personal account) a friend of mine joined in as well.

It was fun and even though I couldn't do all of the moves or keep a rhythm going I still worked up a sweat and am already feeling some soreness (yay!).

As I mentioned there was a large interest shown by the number of people who showed up tonight, and more were interested in coming but weren't able to tonight.  So, beginning on the 21st Zumba is being offered at Homestead from 6:30-7:30 for $25 for 7 weeks, or $5 per class as you go.

My mom decided to pay the $25 for the 7 classes.  I decided I would pay the $5 when I decided I wanted to go.  With working 30 miles from home, and this bar being in my neck of the woods, being able to make a 6:30 start time when I don't get done with work until 6 is pushing it close, especially with how the weather has been making road conditions less than ideal.  I would also miss a class due to my vacation to Maryland to see Chelsea.

The fact that it's hosted close to home is a definite plus.  I am definitely not saying I won't go again but I didn't want to commit to 7 weeks when that may not always be possible.

I am in a great mood thanks to my workout tonight and am really considering getting up and going to the Y tomorrow morning before work!  Evidently all I needed to do was workout once to make me want to workout again!

Talk to me...

What was one of your non-scale victories for the week?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekly What? #2


It's that time again, to catch everyone up on what's been going on over here at Living n Learning by Amy.


I posted about my first best friend, first concert, and first celebrity crushes.  You can read about it here.


Wednesday is weigh in day for me, and it was the end of the month.  Not as much progress as I would have liked happened in January but I can definitely change that for February.  Read my Weight Loss Wednesday post for a quick update.  I plan on writing a bit more on my thoughts on my weight loss soon.


Thursday was a double whammy.  I participated in two link ups.

Random Thursday this week was about the top 5 worst TV shows, read about the five shows I wrote about here.

I also participated in the Non-Scale Victories link up where I talked about Pepsi Next being my friend.  You can read about my new friend here.


And finally, I participated in the Pit & Peak link up.  Read about my pits and peaks here.

*All days of the week in pink boxes w/white lettering were taken from Allie from Tales of a Twenty Something, hope she doesn't mind!*

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pit & Peak: This Means War


Remember the rules:

- Write a blog post with the Pit & Peak of your week.
- Pit = The low part
- Peak = The high part
-Follow your hosts
- Grab a button
-Jump around, meet some new ladies (and men), and encourage and congratulate!


When left alone my mood is down rather than up.  Still a result of the other week's discovery about my ex? Maybe.

My dad was sick all week and now my mom is.  Hope I don't get what they have!!


I switched desks at work so my adding machine is on my right side so I can actually key rather than peck at the numbers.  And I'm farther away from the one woman who drives me nuts at work.  (Think late every day and takes time away from her desk more than you would think is appropriate.)  And the computer screen is nicer!  Hopefully I remember where I sit on Monday!

This Means War is on TV right now.  I absolutely love this movie.  Chelsea and I went to see it in the theaters and then rented it one night to watch again because we loved it so much.



Two good-looking men, how can you go wrong? :)

Talk to me...

What is one of your peaks from the week?