Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekly What? #4


Hello weekend!  I hope everyone is enjoying theirs as much as I am so far.

Sometimes during the week there is just not enough hours in each day to do all we need to do plus keep up with our favorite blogs.  Thanks to the lovely ladies (Allie, Jenn & Ricci) at the blogs mentioned in the button above we have the Weekly What?  I recap my posts from the week into one convenient post so you can catch up on what you've missed when you were working your tail off and whatever else you had going on.

And here we go!

I did a little weekend recap because I actually went out and had a pretty great one!

Wednesday = weigh in day for me so I shared how my week went and a couple of goals I set for the week to try and make my next Weight Loss Wednesday post more about successes than set backs.

Random Thursday was all about my last 5 frivolous purchases.  I also mentioned how I'm looking for some guest posters (still am!) to help me out while I'm on vacation.

I also participated in the Non-Scale Victories link up hosted by Katie and Lex and shared my favorite one so far.  I went to the gym for the first time in months and loved the effect it had on the rest of my day!

Another link up by the name of Pit & Peak this time with Allie and Brin.  Here you can read about my Pits and Peaks of the week.


I did another link up earlier today (can you tell I like them yet?).  This time with Lex for My Week In Instagrams.  This was my first time participating in it and it was fun!  I broke the rules a bit and used more than just my last week's Instagrams just because I don't take as many pictures as Lex does during the course of a week.  Think I need to work on that a little bit.  :)

**As I mentioned above I'm still looking for some guest posters.  Please contact me if you're interested in helping me out while I'm on vacation in March.  I'm asking for the posts by Feb. 24th.**

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  1. Just stopping by your blog for the first time today! If you're still looking for guest posters, I might be interested! Just let me know if you think I might be a good fit and what kinds of topics you're looking for. You can email me at lisathevegetarian {at} gmail {dot} com.


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