Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Week In Instagrams

I have been trying to use Instagram more often so I can participate in the link up hosted by my lovely friend Lex (go check out her blog at  I might have combined a couple of weeks for this post but close enough right?  My week in Instagrams begins now!

My Maybook planner!

Got pens?

The name says it all

My hair from last Saturday

It's ok to eat Mac & Cheese at work right?

Hot cocoa is a necessity during winter in Wisco!


  1. I love the hair! I wish I could do fancy hairstyles like that, I totally fail at doing my hair!

    1. Thanks! I totally fail at doing my hair as well which is why I had someone (lady at Fantastic Sam's) who knows how to do hair do that for me!


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