Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random Thursday: Shopping, Gym Time, Guest Posters

Happy Thursday blog readers!  As you're reading this I am at the gym.  Yes, the gym!  I announce it to the Twitter world yesterday and discussed it with two of my friends (hey Lex!) as well as mentioned it to my mom and let my aunt know I would be stopping by her house to shower afterwards.  So, there are a lot of people that would know and I would have to answer to had I skipped out on this workout.  AND I wrote this post last night which means I set myself up to have to workout!

Moving on to one more thing before we get to the good stuff of today's post.  I mentioned early in January how I would be Maryland bound the first week of March.  It is now the middle of February and in about two weeks I truly will be on the East Coast spending time with my BFF Chelsea.  I will be away from my blog for 8 days and am looking for some guest posters (at least 4) to help fill my vacation time.  Lex has already agreed to be one of my guest posters (yay!) so I really only need 3 more but will take more if there is interest from more than just 3 people.  I would like the guest posts to me by the 24th in order to allow me some time to set up my posts.  Please contact me via email (livingnlearningbyamy[at]gmail[dot]com) or Twitter (@LnLbyAmy) if you would do me the honor of gracing my blog with a guest post!

Finally we are on to the part you have all been waiting for...Random Thursday!!

In no particular order my last five frivolous purchases were...
~Food which I did not need to buy had I gotten my lazy ass out of bed on time the past two days!
~An app that lets you track Weight Watchers points without having a Weight Watchers account.  Not sure that I'm really liking it though and am kind of regretting spending the money (even if it was less than $2).
~The book Taken.  An actual book friends, not a Kindle e-book.  Definitely didn't need it but it was an impulse buy when I saw it at Shopko.
~A new sports bra from Target.  Did I need this, maybe.  Is it helping to motivate me to get to the gym more? (read: get to the gym period)  Definitely!  And it's fun!  Only downside to this reversible sports bra is the tag!  Who wants to look like they're wearing something inside out?!
WTF Champion?!
I can't think of a fifth thing... I am at a loss.  Probably because I am trying really really hard to not spend a lot of extra money so I can pay off my student loans this year.  Some of the items I listed were from a month ago already.  Guess that's a good thing, right?

Talk to me...

What was the last frivolous purchase you made?


  1. My last frivolous purchase was girl scout cookies. I don't need them, I don't need to spend the money on them -- but so worth it!

    1. Mmm Girl Scout cookies! What's your favorite? Mine are the shortbread.

  2. I just can't say no to books. When I see a book that I would love to read I just have to buy it.

  3. congrats on getting to the gym!
    I had such a hard time coming up with my five too because I am trying so hard to not spend money!
    can you cut the tag off the bra and make it look like its not there? so annoying when they do that!
    thanks for linking up!

    1. I probably could cut the tag off, good idea! Also, I'm not really sure why I'm worried about people thinking I'm wearing my sports bra inside out. I mainly wear t shirts at this point in time to the gym so no one sees my sports bra anyways!

      Thanks for hosting!

  4. Buying food because Ive been too lazy to pack lunch is something Ive been guilty of lately.

    Haha, it sucks when something says it's reversible but the tag gets in the way. If you have an exacto knife you can cut it off at the seam. That's what I do. Thanks for linking up!


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