Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday - 2/13/13

Start Date: 1/3/13

Today's Date: 2/13/13

Weight Lost/Gained This Week: +2.4

Total January Weight Loss: 2

My weigh in this week was not what I wanted it to be.  I expected it though and have no one to blame but myself.  I ate a lot of Subway yesterday which I'm sure contributed greatly to that horrendous gain you see above.  I'm talking 6'' egg and cheese on flat bread for breakfast and then I polished off a foot long sub on a not so healthy bread with not so healthy things stuffed inside of it throughout the course of the day.  That's what I get for being lazy on a morning I needed to get my ass moving so I could leave earlier for an appointment.

Now here I am again today not getting my ass moving when I need to leave earlier for an appointment.  But blogging trumps everything and is okay, right?

I just want to lay out a couple goals for the next week quick before I head on into the bathroom to rush getting myself ready.

1. Go to the gym!  I have four days between now and weigh in morning that I can easily go to the gym in the morning before heading to work providing I get my ass out of bed when I need to.  I just got my new sports bra from Target (love it & that store!) so I better start putting it to use or that was wasted money.

Love the color!

It's reversible! (Sorry this is so blurry!)
2. Drink more water!  I need to really start working on drinking more than just 3 glasses of water every day.  Who cares if I have to pee a lot then?  That just means I get some extra activity in my day and at home when I'm usually such a couch  potato it's scary.

3. Watch those portion sizes!  And I don't mean watch them go into my mouth.  I mean cut back on how much I am eating.  Baby steps here.  I'm not going to try and overhaul my diet right away because that will set me up for failure.  So I'm just going to start watching what I am already eating for a while.  See how just cutting back on how much I'm eating can help.

Three goals, seven days...I can do this!


  1. you can do it girl!!! stay positive

  2. Drinking more water is definitely helpful -- annoying running to the bathroom, but worth it!

    1. Annoying but good to run to the bathroom multiple times a day. My knees were achey today by the time I got home and I'm thinking it was from too much sitting. Oh the joys of a desk job!

  3. WATERRRR!! I love water..chug chug chug. That sports bra is legit.

    1. Read tomorrow's post for the only downfall to the sports bra!

      I need to get better about drinking it, like hard core!


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