Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday people!!  Um, right about that...who's ever really happy it is Monday?  Not me.  Especially not today because work was kind of really crazy thanks to the winter storm the East Coast got (banks closed early / weren't open Saturday = lots of catch up work on Monday).  But to find the silver lining in everything the day did go by pretty quickly.

Going back to Friday night though...  After getting home from work and while waiting for my brother to be done working I ordered my Maybook which I won from the giveaway Jenna hosted.  I am so excited to get it!  Once my brother was home from work my family went out for a fish fry at a near by bar.  I enjoyed a cocktail or two with my meal and even brought home a piece of fish to eat for lunch one day this week (probably Tuesday).  We were home by 8:30/9 and I debated about going out but ended up staying in and working on my blog.  If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed I have been having a little bit of technical difficulties since making the move back to Blogger from Wordpress.  My comments on blog posts previous to the move are not visible at all and while comments made on posts after the move are visible on my blog I cannot see them from my dashboard.  I'm learning to deal with it but it is still a bit frustrating.

Saturday morning I was up pretty early so I could go to town for a chiropractor appointment and to get my hair cut.  No big changes in the hair department, just trimmed everything up.  I did have my hair styled before leaving so it would be done when I wanted to go out later in the day.  Note to self: research hair styles before the day of so you have a picture to show the stylist.  While I didn't hate my hair and Chelsea and Jodi thought it was cute it wasn't what I had pictured in my head when I was describing it to the stylist.  But I have no one to blame but myself for that one.  And honestly after I started having fun later in the day I didn't even think about it!

Around 1:30 I hit the road to my friend Jodi's house to have a little girl time before heading to a chili feed at her parents' bar.  We were there from 3 until 9!  We had such a fun time just talking and catching up.  Spur of the moment after finding out that Chelsea and Dan were going to see it Jodi and I decided to see Identity Thief at 9:50.  I really enjoyed the movie and laughed throughout the whole thing.  One of my favorite lines is "What are you a Kenyan?" because I work with a man from Kenya.  I made it home by 12/12:30 but it felt like it should have been much later.  I think sitting at the bar for 7 hours messed with my head a little.  Usually I'm at the bar later in the evening until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday was a lazy day as a result of my late night out on Saturday.  I ended up taking two naps, one shortly after getting up and one after lunch.  So much for cleaning and doing laundry.  I definitely need to learn how to balance being lazy and being productive on the weekends.  It is so nice to not be in school and have to worry about homework any more but that doesn't mean I have to sit around and do absolutely nothing every weekend, right?

And here we are, back to Monday.  It sure is Monday... (Anyone know what song those last four words are from?)

Talk to me...

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Are you good at balancing being lazy and productive on the weekend?


  1. So Jealous you won the Maybook!!! Sounds like my kind of weekend!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. I love Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, so that seems like a good movie!

  3. I want to see that movie sooososos bad! Awesome you won that giveaway!!! My favorite part about my weekend was a great long run, and time with my love!! Cheeseeeyy!


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