Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly What?


I was in a blogging funk this week and didn't post as much as I had been in the last couple of weeks which means you didn't miss much.  But in case you missed something it's time for the Weekly What? with Allie at Tales of a Twenty Something, Ricci at A Beautiful Mess (or is it Ricci Explains It All now?), and Jenn at Party of One.


My first post of the week was late Thursday night when I participated in the Non-Scale Victories link up and shared my first experience with Zumba.


I must be on a link up roll because I participated in the Pit & Peak link up with Allie and Brin yesterday.  I had quite the list of Peaks which made me a happy woman.  Read about them and the pits of my week here.

And here we are on Saturday already with the Weekly What?  Told ya you didn't miss much. :)


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  2. Thank you for linking up with us! I'm so glad you did & looking forward to catching up on your week! :)

  3. I've wanted to try Zumba but it worries me because I'm so not coordinated...we'll see :)

    1. I am definitely not coordinated at all either but it doesn't matter! As long as you keep moving you'll get a good workout.


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