Thursday, February 21, 2013

Non-Scale Victories: Fruit & Gym Time

It's Thursday again which means it's almost Friday so it's almost the weekend and it's time for another post about my non-scale victories of the week.  As I was FaceTiming with Lex for the first time ever Wednesday night (loved chatting with you girl!) we briefly discussed what we would be posting for our NSV for this week and neither of us really knew.  Since then I've done a little thinking and came up with one new one and one you've seen before if you've been around Living n Learning by Amy for a week.

(Side note -- Hello & welcome to all of my new followers.  I'm sure you followed me for a chance to win some awesome giveaways I'm a part of this month but I hope you like what you read and stick around!)

On to the NSV for this week I have two.

My first is that I accepted Lex's challenge to pack snacks and fruit to go with my lunch at work on Wednesday after going wild with crap food on Tuesday.  Not only did I accept this challenge but I knocked it out of the park!  Because I didn't workout yesterday morning I wasn't starving at work but it was great to have healthy snacks available when I was feeling hungry.  I am repeating these snacks (maybe grapes too or in place of an apple or banana) today so I have plenty of options to fuel my hungry body post workout!

My second NSV for the week is continuing to go to the gym.  I've gone a total of three times now and I'm liking it a lot.  Not only am I working towards having victories on the scale but I'm also feeling great following a workout and I'm working on breaking my bad habit of using the snooze button.  So far so good this week and I haven't used the snooze button at all!  I've been working on the C25K (couch to 5K) program at the gym which is a total of 30 minutes consisting of a warm up walk, then alternating running and walking segments, followed by a cool down walk.  By the time I get to work today I will have completed week 1 of the program.  My goal is to get my gym schedule better aligned so I can complete a week of the program in one week rather than what happened with this first one.  (I started on Thursday of last week and am just finishing it this week Thursday.)

Talk to me...

What is one of your non-scale victories for the week?

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  1. Congrats! Having an apple at work is awesome because it's delicious and it does curb mid-afternoon hunger!

  2. My NSV this week is passing up all the left over cupcakes from my daughter's birthday... curse those fluffy, delicious little treats!


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