Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ricci Explains It All February Sponsor Giveaway!

I am sponsoring the lovely Ricci at Ricci Explains It All this month and below is a post about the giveaway her sponsors are pooling together for.
Good morning loves!!! I have something special in store for you today!!! Not only have my amazing sponsors and I teamed up to give you $60 cash money, but the uber generous people over at May Books are giving the LUCKY winner a May Book!!

Double Win!!!

First up I want to introduce you to the lovely ladies who are giving away this cash...

Clockwise from the top left:

Now on to Prize number two...a May Book!!

I LOVE that you can go to their website and design your own book! You pick the back ground, the colors, the name or monogram, and BOOM! It's done.

You can also choose what you want on the inside. Most people choose calendars but I chose a notepad. I love to right down my blogging ideas, lists (ya'll know I'm OCD right?), and just anything else! You can also choose a blank inside or even graphing paper.

I LOVE their motto!!! HA!! recap this post ONE winner will receive $60 cash money AND their choice of May Book!!!



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  1. I definately need to enter this giveaway!! I love those books!!!

    BTW, make sure you stop by my page and enter my giveaway too!



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