Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life Update

So I'm kind of terrible at taking pictures of the things going on in my life. Either that or I'm just really lazy I I don't actually do a lot of things. I'm working on it though {doing more and taking more pictures} I promise. But because it's a work in progress you'll have to enjoy this post sans pictures.

Anyways... here's a little life update because I'm sure you're all dying to know what I've been up to.

+ Way back in June I first mentioned I was taking a step outside my comfort zone at work and then in July I mentioned it again because it was interview day. Well I'm here to report that I did not get the new position (team lead) that I applied and interviewed for. I'm also here to tell you I'm okay with it.

+ I may not have gotten the position I applied for but I did get some new hours out of the deal. For about a month now I've been working 7:30a-3:30p instead of 11a-7p. I'm not a huge fan of the early wake up call (6a) but I do love being done with work at 3:30p and home by 4p.

+ I went camping in August with the parentals for 3.5 days and 4 nights. It was fantastic besides the unusually chilly temps we experienced. I'm talking some places were close to record lows in the 30s! I posted to Instagram more than normal during this vacation so be sure to follow me to check out those pics and to see what else I'm sharing. {Click here or slide on over to the right to click the button below my picture.}

+ I've been working on being a reading machine lately. I challenged myself to read 75 books in 2014 and thanks to GoodReads I know when I'm behind and lately that's all the time. {Click here to become my friend!}

+ I talked to the bank last week about my very first car loan and if things go according to plan I should have a new car by the weekend. It's crazy exciting but also scary as shit because lets face it, it costs a shit ton of money to buy a new car!

+ My last post was a Weigh In Wednesday post in which I shared my plan for how I was going to lose the weight. And then I took all of August off and have been way off plan. Well it's a new month and a new week so what better time to get back on track, right?

And that's pretty much all I've got for ya today peeps. My brain has been buzzing with things that I think I want to write about so I'm hoping those thoughts translate to "words on paper" for me to share here with you. Until next time...

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