Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites

Introducing a post is hard! I've attempted two and they both sucked so now I'm just telling you how bad I am at it. I don't know how those that are really good at it do it. I must learn their ways!

Anyways, it's Friday so I'm going to share my Friday Favorites with Meet @ the Barre.

+ I managed to finally send a thank you card to my bestie for the week long vacation I took to see her back at the end of April/beginning of May. Her and her husband ended up buying me an unexpected dinner while I was there {we left in a hurry so the waitress didn't split the bill} so I sent along a gift card so they could have dinner on me some night. I killed two birds with one stone and made it a twofer thank you because she had sent me a birthday card with two gift cards. At least one of the two thank yous came in a timely manner. {It's something I'm working on.}

+ I took a step outside my comfort zone at work this week. I'm not going to say much more than that right now. You're probably wondering why I'm even mentioning it then but I'm really proud of myself for doing this regardless of the outcome so I wanted to share. I promise I'll stick with blogging on a regular basis long enough to come back with a report of how things turn out. {Anyone remember the last time I mentioned a secret and then didn't come back to share the good news? It was about getting my own place. Oops!}

+ Nights that cool down in the summer enough to make opening my bedroom window worth it. Knock on wood we haven't been having a crazy humid summer so far so while it reaches the high 70's/low 80's it's tolerable to be outside. Last night was the first night in a while I slept with my window open and it was glorious! So much cooler than being locked up tight.

+ Reconnecting with friends always makes my heart happy. Kelley from One Hot Southern Mess is getting back into her blogging groove and we've been catching up this week via text. I've missed this woman! It's never fun to realize that a friendship kind of fizzled out and you don't really talk any more. But the great thing is we've picked up where we left off. {At least I think so!}

+ Ordering Chinese food is always a favorite of mine. We're crossing our fingers at work that we've found a place that will deliver to us. If we have, I'm going to be a happy woman and I'll be happy dancing all day.

+ Pedicures with my momma. We have an appointment for tomorrow morning. :)

And one last favorite before I end this so I can get ready for work, blogging. As much as I'm terrible at it {super inconsistent if you haven't noticed} I really do love it. I have a place to share my thoughts and about the good and the bad in my life. And probably the best part, connecting with women that I would never have connected with otherwise. I've become friends with some pretty awesome ladies that I've never met thanks to blogging. It doesn't get much better than that.

Enjoy your weekend! Have fun and be safe my friends.

What's a favorite of yours this week?

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  1. Our humidity is HORRIBLE! Its like getting hit in the face when you open your front door. There will be no sleeping with the windows open over here.Youre lucky!

  2. Chinese sounds so good right now! Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone regardless of what it was!

  3. Oh humidity is brutal here! That was so nice of you to send them a nice thank you. Hope you're having a great summer:)


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