Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIW: 2/12/14

Good  morning! FINALLY we're half way through the week! Sadly it's snowing again here which means I have to get my butt moving so I can make it to an appointment before work so I don't have a lot of blogging time right now.

But I wanted to check in for weigh in Wednesday real quick. Not that it really matters because my weight essentially stayed the same this week again. Which is good, but I'm also sporting a sad face about it because who wouldn't want to see a loss on the scale?

Starting Weight {highest weight recorded}: 207.7
Today's Weigh In, Feb. 12: 206.8
Gain: 0.2
Overall Loss: 0.9

So another very slight gain that I'm going to just count as staying the same. Because really what is 0.2? Nothing really.

My goals are rough going this week, especially the one about getting up at the time I choose the night before. Last night was especially rough because I could not fall asleep for the life of me. But on the bright side that lack of sleep was due to being completely over the moon excited about something {okay and being a little nervous}. I'm keeping it a "secret" until I can confirm that things are official.

Pretty Strong Medicine

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  1. Just gotta keep your chin up, eat clean and keep your body moving!

  2. I agree with Jess. Just keep pushing forward and you will see progress soon!

    Here from WIW!

  3. So right about the 0.2! Hopefully you'll feel better about next week!

  4. Yep, as someone once told me, if it's not more than a pound, it hardly counts! Just keep plugging away!

  5. Exciting news is always worth losin a little sleep for ;)

  6. Keep on going! 0.2 is nothing!

  7. You have the right attitude--and hey, it's awesome that you have a "secret"! We are all excited to find out what it is!! :)

  8. Keep going - .2 is nothing - I would not even count it.
    You have a positive outlook and that is a big plus!

  9. You just have to keep going! You'll get to your goal weight! Don't worry!!

  10. You are doing a great job! Just keep on keeping on :)


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