Monday, February 10, 2014

Lazy is my Middle Name

Despite my best intentions to get out of bed on time this morning so I would have plenty of time to write this blog post and pick out some nice clothes to wear for work that's not what happened. It's later than I would like and I'm in jeans and a t-shirt once again and I'm just sitting down to write this post. That being said, I'm going to hurry up and crank this blog post out so I can stay accountable for last week's goals and set some new ones.

Fitnasty for Life

Last week's goals:

1. Work out at least three times. I worked out once. Being lazy won out over trying to accomplish this goal with real effort. I have no good reason for why I didn't get two more work outs in last week.

2. Track everything, good or bad. I was doing fantastic with this goal Monday-Friday. Friday night-Sunday being lazy won again. Once again, I have no good reason for why I didn't track those last two days.

3. At least 7 hours of sleep every night. CHECK! I started off strong tracking this early in the week but this weekend that went out the window. Even without tracking I know I accomplished this. Last night my sleep was hard to come by thanks to an afternoon nap. But my delay in getting up this morning made up for it. Not exactly how I want to go about accomplishing 7 hours of sleep but it got the job done.

So this week, while it might not be as exciting, I'm going to stick with some of the same goals.

1. Work out at least three times. Three work outs in seven days is totally doable. I just need to get my shit together and get it done.

2. Track everything, good or bad. If I can do this for most of the week, including a totally out of control day where I would have rather hid the evidence of my crazy eating, then I can do this for a full seven days.

3. Choose a time to get up the night before and actually do it! I know I'm getting enough sleep and that I can get to bed at a decent time to make an "early" wake up time doable. Now it's time to fix this horrible morning habit I have of using the snooze button a hundred times every morning.

And in exciting news, I decided to use some of my tax refund money to purchase a FitBit Flex on Saturday. I am super excited for it to arrive so I can start tracking my sleep better and seeing how active (or inactive) I really am every day. Now if only five to seven days didn't seem like an eternity!

How do you avoid hitting the snooze button in the morning?
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  1. You CAN and will work out 3 days this week!! Have you ever thought about doing a DietBet? I've done a few in the past, and they definitely really keep you accountable... especially when you struggle to consistently make good decisions (especially when you're as money-motivated as I am). Might be a good way to MAKE yourself be consistent! Either way-- good goals this week! Make a workout game plan (what days you're committing to work out) and just do it! :)

  2. Lazy has definitely been winning on my end. I've been to the gym once this month and we're already 10 days in!

  3. You are doing so good!! Like I told you tomorrow is always a new day to start FRESH!!!

  4. Such Great goals! I need to start working out, but I keep telling myself, I am waiting on the warmer weather to go out and run! Tracking what you eat is Key! Then if your too lazy to track it, then your can't eat it!! Good Luck!


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