Weight Loss

My weight loss story has been on going for as long as I can remember.  My entire life I have always thought I was bigger than other girls my age and have been self conscious of how I look.  Of course  now when I look back at photos of myself I could only wish that I looked that way again even though at the time I thought I could stand to lose a few pounds.

Since graduating high school my weight has gradually increased.  I knew it was happening but was never that worried about it.  I have made many attempts at losing weight over many years.  I joined Spark People in July of 2009 and My Fitness Pal around the same time as part of my weight loss journey.  I was also participating in Biggest Loser type challenges with co-workers and participating in weight loss challenges through the company's wellness program.  The lowest recorded weight that I can find is 172 from September of 2009.

Being active in softball throughout high school helped me to maintain the weight I was at without paying much attention to what I was eating.  Even after graduation in 2008 I was able to continue to play softball for a year or two through a rec league.  It was after softball ended for me that I think the weight really started to creep up.  Being less active didn't mean I watched what I ate and I certainly wasn't thinking about eating less.

My many attempts at losing weight over the years were always essentially on my own.  I had tools like Spark People and MFP that I was using but I was always just "trying to eat healthier and be more active."  After mentioning to a blog friend (Carolyn, check out her blog Fitnasty for Life) that I was considering weighing myself less because I wasn't seeing the results I wanted and I was letting myself be a part of a viscous cycle with my habits and the scale she gave me the cold hard truth.  I wasn't 100% in the game and "eating healthier" wasn't really working for me.  Carolyn is a Weight Watchers member and knows that the program works so she recommended I give it a try.  I have been a member ever since that day, March 11, 2015.

I have seen success when I am following the Weight Watchers program.  In fact, I can even say I've lost 10 pounds with the program.  That is something I could never say before.  Unfortunately, I can also say I have gained some of those 10 pounds back while still being a Weight Watchers member.  But it certainly isn't Weight Watchers fault.  It's my own for not being 100% in the game.

Joined Weight Watchers March 11, 2015 weighing 224.4 pounds.
March: -7.6
April: -2.8
May: +0.8
June: +1.4
July: -3.2
August: +1.2
September: +0.6
October: -1.6
*Overall change each month (first weigh in of the month - last weigh in of the month).*

Since joining Weight Watchers: -6.2 pounds

  • 213    5% Goal
  • 201   10% Goal
  • Get out of the 200's (And never look back!)
  • 199.4  25 pounds lost
  • 174.4  50 pounds lost
  • 172     Lowest weight post high school
  • 159.4  60 pounds lost
  • 150     Goal weight
  • BMI below obesity range (<30)
  • BMI within normal range (18.5-24.9)
  • Run a 5K
  • Run a 5K without walking

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