Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Third First Post

This is my third attempt at carving out my own little place in the blogging world.  I started with a Wordpress site but was finding it difficult to customize my blog the way I really wanted to (without getting super technical and over my head) so I moved to Blogger.  A little backwards from how most people do it since they usually move from Blogger, or other blogging platforms, to Wordpress but that's fine with me since I don't want to do everything just like everyone else.  When I made that switch I imported my Wordpress posts to Blogger.  Not that I don't want to keep those posts from Wordpress, and my previous Blogger site but I feel like I needed a fresh start in the blogging world.  Those old posts feel like they were weighing my blog down with things that weren't jiving with how I want to approach blogging, or what I want to blog about lately.

So, here I am starting over on a fresh blog to make it what I want it to be and hopefully something I enjoy and stick with!  Being that the site is new give me some time to edit the page and really make it my own.  I hope you stick around to read more!

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