Thursday, September 20, 2012

Presentation Jitters

Hi friends!  It's been a while since I've posted, sorry about that!

Since my last post a month ago I've celebrated some birthdays (mom's and aunt's), gone on vacation to Chicagoland Speedway (this past weekend actually!), and cranked out a PowerPoint presentation in the last 48 hours that I will present tonight.

The PowerPoint presentation is about the internship I completed this summer.  Probably not my finest work I'm sure because I am procrastination at its finest.  Not only did I complete my internship at the end of August so I have had three weeks prior to this one to put together the presentation but I also wasted away a day at home to work on it by doing anything but! (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst, TV, etc...)

I normally get nervous for presentations, even when I'm prepared in advance, so the fact that I waited until last night to actually make the PowerPoint has only added to my nervousness.  I had a hard time getting to sleep, it was past 2am when I finally did.  And then I woke up this morning and after making sure everything printed (it hadn't) and running through my checklist of things I needed to have done I was already feeling sick.

I am at work today for 8 hours but I have two fifteen minute breaks and I'm sure I'll use some of my lunch break (30 minutes) to run through the presentation at my desk.  But we all know running through it in your head is totally different than actually having practiced what you're going to say out loud.  I can't change the past so I'm going to have to run with what I've got and hope for the best.

Wish me luck friends!!

Questions for you...
Do you get nervous when you need to speak in front of a group?  How do you handle the nervousness?  Any tips for me?

Do you procrastinate or are you on top of your game with things you need to do?  Any tips from former procrastinators on how to procrastinate less?

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