Monday, November 12, 2012

Holding for the Holidays

Hi there readers!  I once again took a break from blogging without really meaning to and for that I apologize.  I know it is no fun for you to find a blog with a writer that does not publish posts on a regular basis.  I am hoping to change that along with a few other things in my life.

One of the reasons I wanted to get back to blogging is to track what is going on in my life.  One of those things being a program through my employer called Hold for the Holidays.  Hold for the Holidays is an 8-week program that is designed to help me (and my team members) prevent the typical weight gained during the holiday season.

I am on a team, the Skinny Bees, with three other women (two from my department and one from another department).  There is also a second team within my department made up of four other women, the Skinny Clauses.

The goal of the 8-week program is to maintain or gain no more than 2 pounds.  Of course, losing weight is acceptable and for many of us the ultimate goal (myself included).  But to spice things up the the two teams I mentioned earlier are having a little friendly competition to see which team loses the most weight in these next eight weeks.  The team that loses the most weight gets lunch on the other team.

Today marked day one of the program and also weigh in day.  This program is not very strict on the rules for what you can and cannot wear for weigh in on day one and whether you have to wear the same for the weigh in at the end of the eight weeks so I chose to wear my shoes and sweatshirt in addition to my other clothes rather than taking them off.  The plan is I would not wear the shoes and sweatshirt at the end.

Now some of you might be thinking that is unfair and I'm cheating myself.  While it might be true that it is unfair if the other team I am competing against doesn't do the same but when you have a team member like my boss who becomes extra competitive and would not be a happy camper if she lost I'm willing to risk being labeled as a "cheat".  And there is not anyone stopping the other team from doing the exact same thing.  As far as cheating myself, that's not the case since I will be weighing myself in much less and lighter clothing Wednesday morning on my regular weigh in day.

So wish me luck readers and I hope you follow along the next eight weeks to see how my team and I do at Holding for the Holidays!

Questions for you
1) Does your employer offer programs to encourage weight loss?
2) Do you have a plan to maintain or lose weight through the holiday season?

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