Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Confess...

It's Wednesday which means we're half way through the work week. Can I get a heck yeah?!

Making Melissa

Wednesday also means hump day confessions with Melissa. So here we go, I confess...

...that I am addicted to cappuccino.  Until recently it was french vanilla but now I'm all about the English toffee. And yesterday morning I saw a vanilla bean flavor that I will have to try soon.

...that I am easily hooked on commercials. The Sprint commercial with the narwhals? Yeah, I sing that over and over. And some oldies but goodies, the Geico commercial where the pig pays his bill and then goes back to vacation mode and sings boots n pants and we can't forget the AT&T commercials with the kids sitting at a table with that one guy. My favorite was the island made out of candy and the little boy that asked, "What about the animals? What would they be made of?" I randomly bust out with commercial quotes. Drives my mom up the wall!

...(speaking of my mom) to being extremely jealous of her vacation. She's on her way to Myrtle Beach with a friend to visit another friend. The weather is actually shaping up here in Wisconsin so it's not the nice weather I'm so jealous of but what she gets to do while she's there. Drinking at beach bars when I'm at work and seeing pit crew practice at Stewart Haas. (Yes, I'm a NASCAR fan. :) )

...that I am LOVING the spring like temperatures we've been experiencing lately. It is so so nice to not need a jacket or the heated seats and to be able to open the sunroof in my car and windows in my apartment.

...I wrote this post on a post-it note at work yesterday.

...that I had a rough first week of March as far as my goals for the month go. Up until yesterday I was back on the Dew all day every day.  I skipped the gym last week outside of Body Pump Monday night. Once a week I'm "treating" myself to Chinese takeout when it should be more like a once a month treat. Meal planning was poor horrible which made my grocery shopping trip terrible and then my meal prep non-existent. And I only blogged once. But it's a new week so I'm working on turning things around.

...I've been skipping the scale and posting on Weigh In Wednesday because I feel like I'm repeating myself because I keep losing and gaining the same few pounds over and over again. I have thought about weighing myself less, like only once every two weeks or once a month, but I'm not sure if that would be a good idea for me. Sometimes I let the scale get me down, like today, and I know that's not a good thing. But I also think the accountability of having to step on the scale every Wednesday could help me make better choices. What are your thoughts on weighing in? And here's to turning things around going forward.

SW: 222
Feb. 4: 219.8
Today: 224.4
Change; +4.6
Overall Loss: +2.4

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  1. So THAT is why i haven't heard from you all week!

    I've been bad this week too, I haven't worked out at all. I feel like a couch potato! You'll get there, just keep swimming.. just keep swimming...

    You do commercial quotes and Ill do animated movies haha

  2. I'm jealous of all the people on vacation right now too :(

    Sorry about the gain. I hope that you can get more in the swing soon!

  3. Awwwwww I've been stuck in that gain lose cycle before and it sucks big time!!!! I hope you're able to break-through soon xxx

  4. Haha, I always write these types of posts either at work or jot down notes in my phone whenever I think of them! And I get hooked on commercials sometimes too. My current favorite is the Geico one with the big guy getting super excited over cold cuts. Good luck with reaching your March goals this week!


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