Monday, March 2, 2015

March Goals

Is it really March already??  I know that February is a short month but it seems like those 28 days just flew by.  Please tell me I am not alone in that feeling!

But with the start of a new month comes a time to reflect and set some new goals.  I surprised myself a little bit with how I ended up doing with my February goals.

  1. No soda at work & 64oz of water.  I didn't do well with this goal.  Whether I succeed or fail at this goal is all about willpower because I can drink 76-80oz of water no problem these days if I skip the soda.  I would definitely say I had soda at work more often than not and as a result I definitely did not have 64oz of water a day.
  2. Body Pump every week.  Done!  I went to my usual Monday night class three times and tried a 5:30p Wednesday class.  I did not try the 4:30p Wednesday class, or try two classes in one week but those were bonus points had I done them so not required to earn a check for this goal.  It feels so good to be able to check this goal off of the list!
  3. Hit the gym 2x/week.  I only accomplished this one week.  The rest of the month I was just lazy and only went once.  Here again it is all about willpower to overcome the urge to sit around and be lazy.
  4. Be up and out of bed by 6am at least 3x/week.  I didn't do a good job of tracking whether I accomplished this goal every week or not so I'll give it a half check.  I know I was better at this earlier in the month than I was the last week or so.
  5. Take makeup off before bed every night.  Here again I didn't do a good job of tracking whether this was accomplished but if memory serves me right I did a pretty good job of this. I may have skipped a night here and there but they were pretty few and far between.
It felt good knowing I had goals for the month.  I wasn't just blindly going at making this lifestyle change with no structure.  Now my goals for March I've decided that some will stay the some and some will be swapped out.  Can't have things getting boring now can we?

  1. No soda at work & 64oz of water.  I know that I can check this one off the list this month.
  2. Hit the gym 2x/week.  Another goal I didn't check of last month that I just know I can if I buckle down and actually try.
  3. Meal plan and prep Monday nights.  I have a good hour at home after work before I have to leave for Body Pump.  Rather than spending it watching Dr. Phil I can decide what I will eat for the week and make a grocery list.  And it has sort of become some what normal for me to make a stop some where after Body Pump on Monday nights so making a stop at the grocery store a regular weekly thing won't be hard at all.  This month I really just want to work on actually buying food to eat for the week. Recently I have been living off of frozen waffles and other items that I can hang onto for a long time.  But I am tired of seeing all of the amazing food pics on Instagram and blogs while missing out on the fun.  Plus real food tastes so much better.
  4. Blog 2x/week. I started strong in February that first week but then I obviously quickly fizzled out.  Blogging is a hobby that I enjoy but not one that I take a lot of time for.  Here's to changing that this month.
While I was catching up with my blog reading over the weekend I came across the perfect linkup hosted by Erin from Love, Fun and Football and Kristin from Mama and Mou.  It is a #4WeeksFit challenge that couldn't fit more perfectly into what I am trying to accomplish with my monthly goal setting.  I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else is going to be working hard to accomplish during the month of March.

Love, Fun & football

Do you set new goals every month or do you repeat some from the month before?

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  1. I need to get better at meal planning too. I'm so bad about waiting until it's time to cook and then just scrambling. Hope your March is great!

  2. Love your goals! I also love that you set a goal to remove your makeup last month - I am SO BAD at that!!! I hope you crush your goals this month! Thanks for linking up with us! :)

  3. Yay!! So glad you linked-up with us!! The water is something I changed in my life probably a year ago and now it's so easy to drink 100+ ounces a day- I know you can rock that goal, and the others!! :)

  4. You GOT THIS! Girl, the water drinking is so important, I know you can do it! I suggest getting a jug/tumbler big enough to fit like 1 liter almost so you KNOW you can make that goal in one day! :) can't wait to read up on your progress.

  5. You and me girl, we've got this water goal!!!

  6. High five to no soda! You can do it. I stopped drinking soda in January...then started drinking way too much coffee. Oops. Only water and tea for me this month!

  7. 2.5 out of 5 isn't bad! Good luck in March girl!

  8. I need to have a set day/time for meal planning - I think I'll be adding that to my March Goals post tomorrow!

    Good luck with your goals!

  9. Seriously, where has this year gone!? You seem to be on track for working out a couple times a week! Just avoid the Mt. Dew and sugar and you'd be shocked at what happens.

  10. Awesome goals. I've been trying to drink more water too, it definitely makes a difference!!


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