Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Goals

I've found that part of being successful at just about anything in life includes making goals for yourself. My last post was all about how 2015 is going to be the year of me and I made some goals for the year. The trouble with that is they're all long term goals. In order to make those goals seem less daunting I need to break them down into smaller goals so I've decided I will make monthly goals.

  1. No soda at work & 64oz of water. A coworker and I have been encouraging each other to drink more water and to skip the daily soda. I did really well for four days and then came back to work the next week and only made it two days before we ordered pizza and we caved to having a soda and it was all down hill from there for me. Starting today I'll be back to drinking water like it's my job.
  2. Body Pump every week. Last night was my first time back at Body Pump in two weeks. And it was tough! Wishing I hadn't taken those two weeks off now. I have no excuse to skip Body Pump this month since they have now added a 4:30pm class on Wednesdays that works perfectly with my schedule and will give me less time to talk myself out of going by myself. (Mondays I meet my mom at the class.) I may even try going twice one week just to see how it goes. Who knows, it could become part of my routine!
  3. Hit the gym 2x/week. Last week I signed up for a 6 month fitness membership where I've been taking Body Pump classes. I realized that if I continued to wait for perfect sidewalk conditions during these winter months I was never going to get out there. Now I can walk, run, bike, or jump on the elliptical during the rest of the week which has previously been all about me being a bum watching Netflix.
  4. Be up and out of bed by 6am at least 3x/week. This one is pretty self explanatory, I'm spending too much time hitting the snooze button in the morning. Being out of bed by 6am will help me feel less rushed and stressed in the morning, allow me time to make breakfast and pack a lunch, and take a second to care about my appearance for once.
  5. Take makeup off before bed every night. Another self explanatory goal here. Makeup removing cloths make doing this a breeze. Now it's time to be disciplined about doing it.
I'm not sure why but this year feels different than years past. I feel ready to tackle these goals and do what it takes to reach them. I'm looking forward to the challenge I've set for myself with these goals for the month and am feeling confident that they will be reached.

Do you set monthly goals to help breakdown your long term goals?

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  1. Good luck girl!!! Proud of you with the working out! It will help make you feel better for sure!

  2. Totally agree that you need to break the bigger goals down into smaller ones to make them achievable in the short term. I have done body pump once before and I loved it, so I need to track down a class like that on ClassPass! You should definitely try to go twice a week-- if it's perfectly timed for you to go, why the heck not?! Good luck this week!! :)

  3. Yay for goals posts! ;) As you keep drinking more and more water, it gets easier- I promise! I drink over 100 oz of water every day now and don't think anything of it!! Good luck with all your goals this month- I'm feeling really motivated as well and I know you will rock 'em !!


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