Monday, August 5, 2013

ABC's of Me

Usually I would be linking up with Sami to share my Weekend Shenanigans but I have no shenanigans to share.  I enjoyed a chill weekend at home after some weekday shenanigans.  The only pictures I took this weekend were from Sunday afternoon when I was outside enjoying the awesome weather with Bo.

.one. Finally started reading Gone Girl.
.two. Bo thought he was king of the mountain.
.three. I think Bo enjoyed my company outside with him even if we did our own thing most of the time.

Now since I don't have shenanigans from the weekend to share with you I decided to hop aboard the ABC's of me train that has been going around blog world lately.

A: Attached or Single? Single like a Pringle and ready to mingle.
B: Best Friend? Chelsea - even if she is a couple hundred miles away
C: Cake or pie? Definitely cake.
D: Day of choice? Saturday - the weekend is just beginning and I can sleep in!
E: Essential item? iPhone + charger because what good does a dead iPhone do you?
F: Favorite color? Red
G: Gummy bears or worms? Meh I prefer some Sour Patch Kids to just plain gummy bears or worms.
H: Hometown? Wausau, WI
I: Favorite indulgence? Pasta!
J: January or July? January - I would rather be wearing layers to keep warm than sweating my ass off because it's hot as balls.
K: Kids? Some day but definitely not right now.
L: Life isn't complete without? A furry friend.
M: Marriage date? No freaking clue. How about I worry about finding a man before I worry about my marriage date, eh?
N: Number of brothers/sisters? One younger brother who turns 21 in November - watch out world!
O: Oranges or Apples? Either Cuties or Granny Smith Apples.
P: Phobias/Fears? I am afraid of heights - the repelling wall in 5th grade had me shaking so bad I almost didn't make it down on my own.  But I can fly and go on the roof of the house no problem!
Q: Quotes?  "Don't be afraid to go after what you want to do, and what you want to be.  But don't be afraid to be willing to pay the price." ~ Lane Frost
R: Reasons to smile? You never know who could be falling in love with your smile.
S: Season of choice? Fall!
T: Tag 5 People. All of my readers!
U: Unknown fact about me? I write and use a fork with my left hand but everything else I do right handed {throwing, using scissors, kicking, etc.}
V: Vegetable? Broccoli or corn {even though corn does absolutely nothing for us :( }
W: Worst habit? Letting my emotions show on my face.  Whether I mean to or not you can most likely pick up on what I think of something or someone.
X: Xray or Ultrasound? Never had an ultrasound {thank god!} and I've had dental xrays and one xray on my finger in middle school.
Y: Your favorite food? Love me some seafood and I love it even more when it's paired with pasta.
Z: Zodiac sign? Gemini.

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  1. Haha I love "Single like a Pringle and ready to mingle" too funny!

  2. Single as a Pringles=pure awesomeness. never heard this before! I'm actually at an amusement park now and refuse to ride a ride called the drop zone because it just takes you up way higher than any person should be without wing enclosed and just drops you. ummmm, no


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