Monday, August 19, 2013

Tons of Weekend Shenanigans!

Wow has it been a hot minute since I've set foot in blog land to actually do some blogging!  After unexpectedly taking the last week and a half off from blogging I'm back with two weekends worth of shenanigans for you.

Weekend one is the more exciting of the two since I spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday night at Fudd Fest, a country music festival about 30 minutes from my home.

:one: People camp out all week at Fudd Fest.  These campers built quite the deck while they were there!
:two: Wednesday night I was able to see The Lost Trailers perform.  They put on a great show!
:three: Thursday night was Steve Holy.
:four: Our favorite part of seeing Steve Holy was hands down this guitar player! Ow ow!
:five: While hanging out in the pavilion (amazing bar on the festival grounds) we were lucky enough to spot the hottie guitar player and get a picture with him. {Not sure who the extra dude is, there was a miss communication as he was supposed to take our picture not be in the picture.}
:six: He was nice enough to take pictures with each of us individually as well!
:seven: Ronnie Milsap performed Saturday night while I was at the festival with my mom. My aunt who gave me the tickets (for free!) requested pictures so of course I took a few for her.
:eight: I ran into my friend Saturday after the show and ended up hanging out for a couple of hours in the pavilion with his group of friends and had a blast.

Now this weekend was spent at home helping my dad with our DIY home repair project.  We didn't get too far in the process because once we poured some cement and mortared some blocks back in place we couldn't do much.

Please excuse my poor photo skills, it was a spur of the moment decision to take some pictures.  And since all of this is way over my head this will not be a step-by-step how-to guide to fixing your garage.  Sorry guys!

Besides garage repair I also spent a good amount of time this weekend with my nose in my Kindle.  I was notified that my library loan on Gone Girl was up so I had to finish it soon.  Come back tomorrow for a review!

In addition to being notified that my loan was up on one book I was also notified that I could finally borrow Requiem by Lauren Oliver.  I am really excited to see how this story ends as this is the final book in the trilogy.

The best thing about this weekend is that mine isn't over!  I have today through Wednesday off from work.  I don't have big plans for today but tomorrow my mom and I are traveling to Minnesota to do some shopping and enjoy some good food.  We're spending the night at a hotel so we won't be back until Wednesday some time.  It will be nice to get away for a little while and have some girl time with my mom.

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  1. Welcome back! Gosh I seriously wish I could have some more time off, I was not ready to go back to work lol BTW your photographer skills are way better than mine & that guy totally creeped into the pic lol

  2. Wow, looks like you had a busy, and fun, weekend!

  3. Looks like an awesome weekend!!


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