Thursday, September 26, 2013

Long Weekend Recap

Good morning friends.  Long time no chat, huh?

The last you heard from me was on Friday before the start of my 4 day weekend.  What a weekend it was!  Of course because I'm a procrastinator I hadn't packed a thing until I got home from work around 7:45pm which means I was scrambling to put a bag together so my dad and I could hit the road.  Rushing means forgetting things usually and forget things I did.  Nothing I couldn't survive without but definitely things that would have been nice.  Like my laptop for example.

This campground is really for people who don't really like to rough it.  We had fresh water and sewer hookup, cable, and Wifi.  See?  Not really roughing it.  I still went out and did things in nature though, don't you worry!

Saturday the weather wasn't the greatest when we woke up so instead of fishing we ended up driving around.  It was while driving around we were able to stop some deer!

Driving around only lasts for so long though so after grabbing some ice-cream {who cares if it was only 40 degrees?!} my dad and I ended up back at the camper to relax while watching TV / reading a book.

Sunday the weather was much better so my dad went fishing with a friend {who is retired and lives at the campground all summer}.  Bo and I were left at the camper to chill.  A little day drinking and a lot of book reading occurred.  Had Bo been a better day drinking buddy I think more of that would have occurred.

My mom joined us Sunday afternoon after she returned from her road trip to Minnesota where her parents attended a wedding.  By my momma coming up it allowed me to go fishing Monday with my dad and our "guide" John {the retired friend}.

We caught some fish, 20+ keepers to be a little bit more specific.  The weather was pretty much perfect and I had a blast.  We even fed a bald eagle!  I have a video but I would really like to know if I can upload it without sound because our commentary throughout the video is unnecessary.  Anyone know if that's possible?  Or does anyone know if I can create a picture from the video?

We went to a late lunch with John and his wife at a local drinking establishment.  It was probably one of the best bar burgers I have ever had!  And on Mondays it's hamburger day so everything was cheap.  I'm talking 5 people ate for less than $30 cheap!

Around 7pm my momma, dad and I {Bo too} headed out on a drive looking for some albino deer.  We started off seeing regular old brown ones like crazy.  But just as we were finishing our drive I spotted an albino on the side of the road and made my dad pull over so I could snap some pictures.

These are wild deer however they are pretty tame and do not run from cars very easily as you can see.  We weren't exceptionally quite while sitting on the side of the road snapping pictures and yet they never showed signs of spooking.  Good thing though or I wouldn't have been able to snap as many pictures as I did.

My dad went out fishing one more time Tuesday morning, this time for muskies.  They were successful and caught three, one being 39.5'' long!  While my dad was fishing my mom and I were packing the camper up so we could head home.

It was a great weekend and I really didn't want to come home.  It definitely felt good to sleep in my own bed though rather than on the camper couch.  Thankfully I only have to make it through 3 days of work until the weekend again.

On a side note before I end this post I wanted to point all of my readers in the direction of this post by Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars about how to fix being a no-reply blogger.  I really love receiving comments from all of my readers and it breaks my heart when I go to respond to those amazing comments via email and I can't because the one who left the comment will never receive it.  I'll be honest, I forget to go back and respond to comments in other ways besides email.  So please, if you can, be sure to use an email address when you comment so I can send my response to your comment via email!

And one more side note...weigh in Wednesday happened.  I didn't post yesterday but I do want to track my weigh in on the blog so here goes.
Starting weight {highest weight recorded}: 206.6 206.8
Last weigh in, Sept. 18th: 206.6
Wednesday's weigh in: 206.8
Gain of 0.2
Not the worst considering I haven't worked out and haven't cared what I've been putting in my mouth.  But this coming week things are changing!  I don't work until 11am now so I have plenty of time in the morning to get to the gym for a work out.  And because I get home so late I can make my own meal pretty much.  It's time to start cracking down on everything and get back on track.

Okay, no more side notes...I'm out of here!  Have a great Thursday peeps!

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  1. What a fun weekend with your fam! I'm not a big camper, but I could see how it could be relaxing! And good job on keeping your weight pretty much steady, on "vacay" that's NOT easy!

  2. Looks like you had fun...yea camping is not my thing really lol The Holiday INN is roughing it for me!


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