Monday, September 2, 2013

Long Weekend Shenanigans

Hey friends!  It's Monday night and I decided to sit down and write about my long weekend so that tomorrow is free for me to post about curing #NOtivation so I can link up with Mallory {Mal Smiles} and two other ladies.

I went up north with my parents Friday night after work to camp at Cedar Falls. In this particular area of the north woods I have no extremely spotty and poor cell phone reception.  As a result I did not have my phone on me 24/7 so I took maybe one picture.

2011 camping trip photo

Saturday while my dad was out fishing with Bo my mom and I were at the campsite planning to enjoy some time reading around the campfire.  The only problem was there was no fire.  After my failed attempt at starting a fire my mom gave it a shot and was successful.  This was a moment of pride for my momma as it was her first ever campfire that she started so she requested I take a picture for her.

After my dad returned from fishing my mom and I headed to town to do a little shopping.  I ended up finding an awesome t-shirt for Chelsea {my BFF} and Dan {her husband} that I plan on mailing to them tomorrow.  I will be sure to take pictures of the shirts before sending them on their way to Maryland.

Once our shopping excursion was done and we were back at the campsite we headed out fishing with my dad and Bo.  My mom doesn't fish so she reads in the boat.  We successfully brought home three walleyes.  At one point my dad and I both had fish on at the same time which was rather exciting.

Sunday morning we headed home because quite frankly I think two nights with no power was enough for my mom and I.  Sunday afternoon was spent relaxing.

While we were at Cedar Falls my dad and I picked an ice cream pail full of choke cherries so we could make jelly.  After cooking them Sunday afternoon we were able to make the jelly this morning.  My grandma came over to help my mom and me out since we had never made jelly before.  And make jelly we did.  Our one ice cream pail full of choke cherries was able to make 3 batches of jelly!

A long weekend was much welcomed even though I just had a long weekend just a week ago.  If only we could always have long weekends am I right?

Did you do anything special for your long holiday weekend?
If you could have long weekends all the time would you?

Linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans tomorrow {Tuesday}.
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  1. sounds so great!Camping sounds fun, I am all for it but only once it cools down adn I can snuggle by the fire!!

  2. Yesssss long weekends are the best!!!


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