Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: I Thought It Was Magic!

Happy Hump Day!  We made it to halfway and I'm happy to report that the first half of the week didn't drag by.  The second half probably will just for the simple fact that I am looking forward to my 4 day weekend that's on the horizon.
Weigh In Wedneday

But let's get down to business.  It's Weigh In Wednesday in addition to Hump Day so I got my big booty up this morning to step on the scale.  The scale reflected exactly what I thought it would so there was a gain.  Which puts me right back to where I started.

Apparently I think it's magic and the pounds are just going to fall off if I'm sitting around doing absolutely nothing.  I need a wake up call obviously because anyone who has successfully lost weight and kept it off will tell you that it's hard work!

The gain on the scale can be attributed to the fact that I haven't kept up with Sweatember which I talked about here.  I've been lazy and haven't done a single work out in two weeks.  As a result I'm currently failing at one of my 90 day challenge goals {also mentioned in the previous link} which was is to make working out a habit.

My gain on the scale can also be attributed to not really paying any attention to my diet what so ever.  I eat whatever I want and even though it's not all junk it's definitely not all good.  I don't pay attention to how much I am eating either.  I'm drinking 2 cans of Mountain Dew a day and have not been drinking any measurable amount of water.

I dropped the ball.  Big time.

I know what I am doing wrong so I just need to get on board the skinny train and fix it.  Being realistic with myself it probably won't happen this week.  But you can bet you ass I will be getting back to it next week!  With my new work schedule being 11a-7p I have no excuse to not get a morning work out in.  And honestly, that's a lot more appealing to me than having to work out when I get home when it's almost 8p.

So here are the stats from weigh in today.

Starting weight {highest weight recorded}: 206.1 206.6
Last Weigh In Wednesday, Sept. 4th: 206.1
Last Weigh In, Sept. 11th: 204.8
Today's Weigh In, Sept. 18th: 206.6

As you can see by the stats I had hope that the weight loss would be magic seeing as I lost over a pound by doing nothing.  But today's weigh in proved me wrong and slapped me in the face back to reality that it takes hard work and dedication to lose the weight.

I have the MyFitnessPal {MFP} app on my iPhone and I'm always looking for new friends to support and help me along my journey.  If you're a member of MFP add me here!

In addition to Hump Day it is also hair cut day for me.  I'm still deciding if I want to try something different or not.  Hopefully I make up my mind in the next 55 minutes!

Peace out!
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  1. Sending you a MFP request! Sorry about the gain this week but you have the right mindset. Just jump back on the wagon and you'll drop that in no time! (((HUGS)))

  2. You can do it! Ohh new haircut, I can't wait to see what you decided on:)

  3. You got this sister! I will help you anyway I can! Except water drinking, I am TERRIBLE at that! It's the hardest part for me.

  4. Cut a lot of your hair and you might show a loss LOL I thought that but don't know if it really helped.

  5. I gained this week too but we can do this! :) It's a new week to get it right and see a good number on the scale! :)

  6. I love that quote - so many people say tomorrow - I have many times!
    You got this - stay motivated - it is tough sometimes, but determination helps :)
    Thanks for linking up!


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