Monday, December 16, 2013

Grey's Anatomy: Get Up, Stand Up

Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy was the mid-season finale and boy did they ever leave us hanging wanting more! Be warned there are spoilers below so if you don't want to know what happened stop reading now!!

First of all I have to say how freaking happy I am that they're finally bringing Shane's guilt about what happened to Heather to life. During the whole episode all I kept thinking was how much I did not like this character any more. But the writers came through at the end when they showed Shane having a break down during surgery. Can't wait to see what happens next now!

Another "finally!" moment during this episode is that Cristina and Meredith are hashing things out. Unfortunately it's happening on the wrong day at the wrong time. Way to go April for standing up for herself and her wedding day by telling her bridesmaids to just shut up because it's her day. Hopefully once the new episodes return things continue in the right direction with Cristina and Meredith.

And then we have my favorite Grey's couple Alex and Jo having quite the moment outside the barn where April's wedding will be taking place. Total "awww" moment right there. And damn is Jo pretty! I think I may have a girl crush on her. And maybe I'm jealous because she gets to make out with Alex...

But the moment of all moments comes during the ceremony. Jackson decides to take Mark Sloan's advice and "say it loud and go from there." He tells April he loves her and wants to know if she loves him too. My jaw hit the damn floor when that happened. And of course we have to wait two months, two months, until we can find out what happens.

Like I said, they left us hanging and wanting more! Hopefully the rest of the season is just as good as this episode was...

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  1. Cristina and Meredith have been irritating lately. Like 8 year old siblings fighting! I love Alex & Jo too, and April BETTER pick Jackson.


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