Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIW: Jillian, you suck!

Thank God it's finally Wednesday. Like for real. Yesterday I kept thinking it was Wednesday so every time I reminded myself it was only Tuesday I died a little inside.

But then after work I did a happy dance when I saw that I had a package from Amazon waiting for me at home. Saturday night I ordered three Jillian Michael's DVDs {1 of 3 arrived yesterday} because getting to the gym has been rough for me. As in it hasn't been happening. So I figured having some work out DVDs that I can do at home would make skipping going to the actual gym not as bad.

I look so excited in that picture from last night. And I was. Until I actually did the damn thing this morning.

Level 1 is HARD for me. And because I'm at home doing it alone I find it really easy to just give in to not push through and completing each exercise. So maybe it's hard mentally rather than actually physically. I can most definitely do all of the exercises, it's just a matter of pushing through the mental road block I have.

I give my girl Ashton from A Fluffy Girl a lot, I mean A LOT, of credit for completing the whole 30 Day Shred. {She's my inspiration for taking on this challenge. If she can do it, I can do it!} And there's also Tammy Jo from You Wouldn't Call It A Drinking Problem...  who has also been an inspiration to me. I don't know what I would do without these two gals to talk to on Twitter and read their blogs.

And I can't forget Carolyn from Fitnasty For Life. She's been extremely helpful to me by giving me meal ideas and talking about all the struggles that come along with weight loss. She's full of great advice and I'm not sure what I would do without her. She completed a Ripped in 30 work out this morning and she said it wasn't as dreadful as she thought. This girl is a rock star if she didn't think it was as bad as she thought.

Well now that I have thanked everyone and their mother I'll get to the weigh in stats.

Starting Weight {highest weight recorded}: 207.7
Today's Weigh In, Dec. 11: 206.6
Loss: 0.6
Overall Loss: 1.1

Not a huge loss but considering last week was a huge fail in the work out department I won't complain. Slow and steady wins the race anyways, right?

I'll be following this calendar that Ashton put together when she was completing the 30 Day Shred. Once the new printer is hooked up and running {mine took a shit on me, insert grumpy face} I plan to print it off so I can draw huge X's through each day I complete.

Unfortnately it is time for me to get ready to make some money. If you don't hear from me again it's because I died after trying to complete day 2. :)
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  1. I think something I'm still coming to terms with is that workouts aren't SUPPOSED to be easy (duh). If you breeze through the week 1 workout on day 1, what are you really gaining from it? Don't get me wrong, Ripped was not easy either!! I did the normal or easy mods for every move :) Proud of you for sticking to it and getting it done this morning. Only 29 days left :)

  2. A loss is a loss!

    Seriously, just looking at that DVD makes me nauseated. Like for real, it's crazy but for some reason, whenever I do it, I have to stop and attempt to not throw up. In the same exact spot every time. I think it's got something to do with the up and down from getting off the floor to cardio or something like that! I haven't done it in years for that reason, no one wants to feel like they're gonna actually be sick or faint when they work out! I replaced it with TurboFire and I haven't looked back since.

    Keep up the hard work!

  3. Isn't it awesome to have a loss when you don't really do anything?!

  4. Great loss this week! Jillian is a wicked and vile woman but hey, you can't deny the results!

  5. Aww thanks so much for the shout out!!! I am so proud of you and I know that it is hard but the results are worth it!!!!!

  6. I'm proud of you! A loss is ALWAYS a win, no matter what! Jillian will kick yo booty!

  7. A loss is still a loss. Congrats girl!

  8. I LOVE the 30 Day Shred. I have done it twice in the past 10 months and have lost a pant size each time. You have to stick with it and keep telling yourself it is only 25 minutes - give it the best you have! I started with 3lb weights my first round with it. I also was not able to do things up to par some of the time. I just followed Anita most of the time.

    You can do it! I liked working out at home better than at the gym. :)

  9. Oh girl, I have heard that workout is CRAZY intense but just keep at it and you are going to be so damn glad you did. I am totally rooting for you babes!!!


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