Monday, December 9, 2013

Grey's Anatomy: Man on the Moon

I just finished watching Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy and all that is going through my head is, "You were right. They're setting us up for Cristina to no longer be on the show." I mean what else could it be when Cristina and Meredith start fighting over the smallest things? And based on the short preview for this coming Thursday's episode {mid-season finale} things are only going to continue to head south with the two of them.

And sticking with the whole Cristina vs. Meredith thing, as soon as the sheep died {Meredith put a 3D-printed portal vein into it} I knew that Cristina's surgery on the baby would be successful. Everything in this show seems to have Cristina and Meredith facing off. I'm not a fan considering through 9 seasons they've always been each other's person. But it looks like things went up in smoke in a hurry.

Shane is sleeping with Cristina now. Ugh. I really don't care who he sleeps with {although I think this is a rather strange direction to take their relationship} because all I care about is they seem to have just swept what happened with Brooks under the rug to never speak of it again. Seriously. Did we all forget that he's the reason Brooks went down to the basement and ended up dying?? I really want there to be some closure with that whole ordeal.

And thankfully Richard comes to Bailey's rescue and talks her into taking the medication for her OCD. I am not a fan of this version of Bailey. I know she's stronger than they're portraying her this season and I'm not sure why all of a sudden we had to spring this on her. And does OCD really come on so suddenly? There has to be something more to this whole change in plans for her.

Alex and Jo are still my favorite couple but I'm afraid something big is going to happen between them. Jimmy {Alex's dad} is back and dealing with hallucinations as he detoxes, trying to get clean once and for all. Alex is pissed right away when Jo tells him and wants to kick him out of the hospital but doesn't. And we see Alex come to Jo's rescue just like he did for his mom when he was a kid. I'm not expecting a miracle between Alex and Jimmy but I'm hoping this whole situation can be resolved so Alex and Jo can go on being my favorite couple. I guess only time will tell.

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