Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Seventy Five in Twenty Fourteen

Happy Monday Tuesday everyone! I was one of the lucky people to have MLK day off yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I managed to get caught up on laundry while being a lazy bum and doing nothing but watch NCIS all day while snuggling with Bo and reading. If only I could have a repeat button so I could do it all over again today.

Thanks to my day off I was able to finish my fourth book in 2014 which brings me to my reading challenge. I've decided to challenge myself to read 75 books in 2014. And as of right now I'm right on track and 5% done with my goal.

Head on over to Goodreads to check out my profile to see what I've been reading so far this year. Sadly the BBC's January book is still on my to-read shelf because it's such a popular book right now that I'm on a waiting list to get my hands on a copy {both book and Kindle edition}.

Hopefully soon I'll update the Good Reads page on here which has links to any book reviews I have done on the blog.

And now despite the polar plunge that has hit Wisconsin I must actually get off the couch and get myself ready for work. If you're also experiencing the polar plunge, stay warm and stay safe if snow is accompanying the cold temperatures.

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  1. It was sooooo nice having yesterday off!

  2. I enjoyed my day off yesterday too! Good job cranking out those books! I really need to get back into the "reading mode" again! Maybe soon!

  3. Good luck on your challenge! I'm attempting to read 50...I'm only on book 3 so far.


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