Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Struggle is Part of the Story

Last night I was feeling down on myself about having fallen off the healthy lifestyle wagon. If you recall it's been since before the holidays that I worked out or even really tried to pretend that I give a crap about what I'm eating. Now here I am half way through January and I still haven't got myself back on the wagon.

And last night I told Carolyn {check out her blog Fitnasty For Life}that I wasn't really wanting to get back on right now.

Yeah, I said it. I was feeling like I would rather stay as I am and possibly even slide a little further away from a healthy lifestyle than put in the work to change myself. That just sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

The fact is changing your lifestyle to a healthier one is hard. So even though I'm not happy with where I am on this journey I would rather sleep in and drink soda like it's water rather than work out and make healthy choices because it's easy. It just goes to show that there is so much truth to the saying "if it was easy everyone would be doing it."

As if feeling upset about wanting to take the easy way out wasn't enough I decided to throw in a whole lot of regret. I've been "trying" to lose weight for the past five years now. And had I stuck with it way back when I wouldn't have to lose as much weight as I do now. I could be maintaining now rather than struggling to start. I could be happy with myself rather than on the verge of tears when I think about how I have failed myself.

Even though I was being so self destructive with my attitude I also knew that holding on to that negative attitude would get me no where. Whining about what I should have done and where I could be now isn't going to make the changes and put in the hard work, effort and commitment. Crazy how I can talk myself out of the funk I put myself in.

I decided right then and there last night while laying in bed that I would make the changes and put in all of the hard work, effort and commitment necessary to get myself back on track and accomplish my goals. I'm starting small today with the goal of drinking 80oz of water. I'm not going to worry about not working out and about not having a meal plan for today. I'm just going to focus on drinking water. Today I'm starting again and I want to succeed my first day back. Starting small and taking baby steps will get me where I want to go and will make sticking to the changes a little easier because I'm not overwhelming myself with a ton of changes all at once.

I know I can do this. I know that I am not alone in my struggle. I know that I have the support of some amazing ladies. Now it's time to turn all of that knowledge into action.

Before I go, huge huge, thank you to Carolyn for being there for me last night. She's been where I've been and she's come out the other side. She looks fantastic and is definitely an inspiration for me. I cannot express in words how much I appreciate her for her kind words, support, advice, and words of encouragement.
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  1. You can do it girl! Baby steps!

  2. Changing your lifestyle is hard!! As you've seen on my blog. I've changed part of my life by eating healthy... But the second part working out.. I still need to get going on that! Don't give up! It takes time!!


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