Monday, July 6, 2015

Hello July!

The last time I posted my goals for the month was April. That means I missed two whole months of goal setting and during those two months I realized that I missed it. Taking the time to write down my goals helps me have a more productive month and as a result I feel better. So even though I'm a little late to the game I figure it's better late than never. Am I right?


1. Wake up by 6am Monday - Friday. I think this goal needs a permanent spot on my goal list because it seems that once I think I have it under control I'm back to staying in bed until 6:30am every morning and am rushing to get out the door in time for work. Just this past Friday I was up on time and it was awesome to have time to pack my bag for the weekend, take out the garbage, and be ready for work with enough time to stop at Dunkin Donuts. I definitely need to remember that feeling when I'm fighting the urge to hit the snooze button.

2. Balance my checkbook. I feel less in control of my money when I'm not on top of balancing my checkbook and it's been too long. Usually it seems that I take the time to do it when it's slow at work but I should really be taking the time to do it at home.

3. Clean my apartment. I half way cleaned my place in June but it needs a full deep cleaning. It would be nice to have people over spur of the moment without worrying about what my place looks like. Maybe I shouldn't be admitting that I have that worry to the world? Oh well I guess, it's my blog and I share my real life here which means the good, the bad, and the ugly.

4. Blog! This new design has helped to spark the urge to blog inside me and I cannot wait to reconnect with the blogging world. I was telling Erin during the design process that I realized I have been blogging in some way since 2008! No matter how many breaks I have taken I always seem to come back to it.


1. Body Pump 2 times a week. Last month I finally went to Body Pump twice in one week but I haven't done that again since. I used the fact that my Pump partner for Monday night had other obligations that prevented her from attending be my reason for not going. I'm not doing myself any favors by skipping just because someone else can't go. I was even signed up for a Monday night class and I cancelled that reservation before I was even done with work. I'm disappointed in myself and know that I can do better!

2. Rib Mountain 1 time a week. A co-worker and I have started walking Rib Mountain (not really a mountain) and I want to keep it going this month. Right now we're starting out gently and only going once a week probably more because of me than her but my poor legs won't be able to handle Pump twice a week and walking the mountain more than once a week (right now). Have you seen the amount of squats and lunges in the latest Pump release?! (It's a lot, trust me.)

3. Run 1-2 times a week. (Finish the C25K program!) Its been at least a hot minute since my last run. With it finally being summer I really should be out enjoying the sun and hitting the pavement again. The C25K program has been great to me whenever I have started to follow it so I finally want to complete all eight weeks of it. (Structure is my friend so I'm not just out there winging it.)

4. Try RPM! I mentioned trying a RPM class last month but never pulled the trigger as Carolyn says. It will happen in July! The perk to RPM classes for me is that they are only 45 minutes long which means I would be able to squeeze a class in before work and still have time to shower and get ready before work. Body Pump runs a full hour so getting done at 6:30am doesn't really leave me enough time but getting done at 6:15am definitely should.


1. 64oz of water a day. I went off track with my water drinking for a while but I'm getting myself back on track. After dropping my tumbler in the parking lot last week I bought myself a new water bottle at Target and since then I've had renewed motivation to drink all that water (while at work). This new water bottle is 32oz so I only need to fill it twice to meet my goal. Is it just me or does having to fill something two times versus 4-5 times make it easier? Crazy mental games we play with ourselves.

2. Track everything. I've been off track with Weight Watchers and tracking and it's been showing up on the scale on Fridays. It has been proven that WW works for me when I work the program so it's time to get back to that. I won't lose weight if I'm cheating myself on being accountable with my tracking.

3. On Mondays I grocery shop and meal prep. Last week I went to the store (without a plan) and threw some things into my cart and managed to pull out a pretty decent haul. And once I was home I took the time to make some meals up for the week. It was great! Repeat performance to happen every week now even if that means back tracking to the grocery store after Body Pump and not getting around to cooking until a little later. (Last week I was at the store and cooking when I should have been at Pump.)

Whew! Lots of goals this month but totally doable and totally necessary to help me refocus and get back on track. I am looking forward to feeling in control of my life again and like I actually got something done.

What are some of your goals for July?

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  1. Good luck with all of your goals!

  2. GO GET IT!!! Can I steal some of these goals?

  3. Having my goals written/typed always motivates me more to work on them! I'm working on getting up earlier and earlier too- I want to utilize every hour I can!! :) Good luck this month, I know you can accomplish everything!

  4. I love to make goals at the beginning of each month! I need to get myself on a wake up schedule too. I wake up at different times every day depending on what I have going on work wise and it drives me nuts. I need to train myself to wake up at a consistent, early time!


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