Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's Mine to Move

SW: 224.4
July 3: 217.8
July 10: 217.6
Change: -0.2

Total Loss: -6.8

I've been having an off week. Not sure what else to really say about it. Thank you Aunt Flo for visiting last week but why do you have to mess with the week after too?

Looking at my goals for the month I'm not doing great with them but not horrible either. It's time to buckle down to turn the rest of the month around. This is me recommitting to my goals and to making this lifestyle change happen.

And because I need to remind myself of this daily I'm sharing this again.

How was your weigh in Wednesday? (Yes, I know it's Thursday :) )

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  1. you are doing great with your weight loss, girl! Proud of you!

  2. FLO invades my space for 2 weeks. Hopefully once I have the polyp removed in September she'll return for only a week again. I pretty much expect a gain during one or both of those weeks so they don't count for me anymore.

  3. Aunt Flo is the worst. You're doing awesome lady!


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