Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday: July 29

SW: 224.4
July 17: 216.6 (-1.0)
July 24: 214.6
Change: -2.0

Total Loss: -9.8

So the scale has been moving in the right direction and I'm less than half a pound away from that ten pound loss mark again! I won't lie, it was a bit frustrating to have to lose the same old pounds that I lost once before. Now that I have them all lost again I hope to never find them ever again.

I've got a short list of things I want to share with you on this fine Wednesday night.

Failure to plan is planning to fail! I don't know how many times I see this while browsing Pinterest or how many times I've talked about this already on the blog but until I'm actually planning I will keep reminding myself about it.  It is a such a true statement.  Without a plan for what I will be eating for the week I tend to not even buy groceries which leads to poor choices like not eating much or choosing unhealthy foods.  To fix this issue I think I'm going to have to move my departure time up from my parents' house.  I've been staying there until 9pm on Sunday nights and I'm not in the mood to hit up the grocery store before returning to my apartment let alone cooking at 10pm or later. Even though grocery shopping and meal prepping on Monday nights works it leaves Monday morning and the midday to chance which isn't starting my week off on the right foot.

Weekends are tough.  I'm haven't been tracking on weekends and am much more relaxed with my food and drink choices.  Even though I've been seeing results on the scale I know that I cannot continue to only change my habits during the week if I want to continue to see results and be able to maintain a new lifestyle for the long term.  I am also very lazy on the weekends.  My step count suffers terribly Saturday and Sunday every week.  I need and want to work on being more active on the weekends.  Bo would love it if I took him for a walk or two or three/four so there is absolutely no excuse for my couch potato ways.

I've been bitten by the running bug.  I've been having the itch to run but haven't given in yet and scratched the itch.  I've even thought about signing up for a 5K in order to give myself something to train for. But how do I find a 5K race to sign up for?  Runners, I need you help!  What are your tips for finding races?

I'm loving Body Pump! I killed it at Body Pump tonight and I loved that feeling.  I'm looking forward to continuing on this Body Pump journey to see where it takes me and increasing the number of reps I complete and increasing my weights as well.

I will finally try RPM tomorrow. I am strangely excited to try this new form of torture called RPM (cycling).  Pray for me.

I joined a DietBet.  I joined Erin and signed up for a DietBet Sunday night.  I submitted my weight Sunday night and now have until August 23 to lose 4% of my weight.  For me, 4% comes out to be 8.8 pounds which would put me at 210 pounds.  You might be doing the math based on the weigh in I shared above and be thinking that I should have a goal weight less than that.  And you would be right, except I weighed in on Sunday night.  Strategy my friends, strategy.  It may not be the correct way to go about it buuut I'm running with it.  When I am ready to submit my final weight I will weigh in in the morning, much like I do for my Friday weigh ins.

How was your weigh in Wednesday?

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  1. First of all, congrats on your loss! Back in the right direction for sure!
    My weekends are my weakness as well. I know if I actually tracked and measured things on the weekends I would at least maintain through the weekends rather than wasting Monday-Wednes losing the fluff from Sat-Sun.
    On runs? Just google your area for races! oh and Living Social and Groupon will typically have coupons for newer runs to the area.
    but the every weekend kind of organized runs? check and google
    I'm always shocked when I find the listings and say 'hey, I didn't know about that one!' or ones that aren't advertised directly in your area.

  2. You go girl! Just google 5k's in your area and you'll find something!

  3. Good luck in the Dietbet! Hope you win your money back AND more! :)

  4. Not a runner but I walk the 5Ks. I found a card for the 3-race series at the library and signed up. Also check EventBrite for listings.

  5. Glad you finally gave RPM a try and didn't die! For races, I'd just google what's in the area! Many cities/towns have large race calendars that includes everything coming up. Then if you really want to do some digging, google "XYZ race recap" and you might even stumble upon local runners who have tried those 5Ks before. I highly recommend Color Run or something fun and not-serious for your first 5K :)

  6. Check out for races in your area too. Wonderful loss this week!


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