Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tracking Equals Weight Loss

Weigh-in Wednesday!

SW: 224.4
June 5: 217.0 (+1.0)
June 12: 216.5 (-0.5)
June 19: No Weigh In
June 26: 218.4 (+1.9)
July 3: 217.8 (-0.6)

Total Loss: -6.6

Over two months ago I was so excited to share that I had lost 10 pounds since joining Weight Watchers. But since that day all I have done is gradually gain some of those lost pounds back. I'm disappointed that it happened but I know it didn't just happen. I did something to cause those gains. Or rather I wasn't doing something.
Last night I took the time to log into my Weight Watchers account on my computer and take a peek at some of the progress reports that they provide. It was when I looked at the monthly report that I noticed that tracking equals weight loss and not tracking equals weight gain. The amount of activity points earned one week versus the next didn't make a difference. For instance, 6/19-6/25 I earned 14 activity points but tracked 1/7 days and I gained 1.9 pounds. Then the week of 6/26-7/2 I earned 14 activity points and tracked 4/7 days and I lost 0.6 pounds. The same amount of activity points were earned but the number of days I tracked my food was obviously greater one week to the next.

I also feel like I should note that the entire time I have been following the Weight Watchers program I have never changed up my eating a whole lot. I have continued to eat a lot of the same foods I have always eaten but either in smaller portions or by making smarter choices at other meals to balance out a poor choice. This is one of the reasons that I love Weight Watchers and believe that I can make a lifestyle change with the program. I can eat whatever I want! I just have to be smart about it.

I will leave you today with this.

How I am approaching this journey going forward.

How was your weigh-in Wednesday?

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  1. Congrats! Every little bit is exciting & matters. Glad you found what works for you.

  2. a loss is a loss! I've been stuck in a plateau for over a year now! haha.


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