Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 for Five...Errr 1 for Three?

I have to be the worst blogger ever.  I posted only twice last week when I really meant to post four times.

I have been planning my posts in my Maybooks planner but even that doesn't seem to help me actually sit down and write my posts.  I think a lot about posting but am actually struggling to post.  I need to get my act together!

Same goes for the gym...I think about going but am struggling to get there.  But that's a story for another day.

So this week for 5 for Five with Jenn and Jessica I decided to change it up a bit and focus on one goal for the remaining three days of the week.


There is one thing I can change about my routine that will more than likely help me post on a more regular basis and get back to getting to the gym.  It seems to be a topic buzzing around Twitter last night and this morning, or at least it is with Jenn and Allie. ;)


You see Jenn and Allie are struggling to sleep, or stay sleeping.  I on the other hand am keeping myself up at night to watch something I have recorded on my DVR.  For a while it was to prevent the horrible "this show only partially recorded" type message.  But last night I didn't need to do that but I still finished watching last week's Grey's Anatomy (which I can't delete because my aunt asks me to record it for her and she hasn't been over to watch Grey's in weeks), watched all of last night's Teen Mom 2, and watched an old episode of The Big Bang Theory that I hadn't seen yet.

And it doesn't end there.  I then decided I would go to my room to lay in bed and start reading a book.  It was around 11pm by the time I did this.  And by the time I actually shut the light off and went to sleep it was after midnight.

Who does that?!  I was tired but I kept doing things other than going to sleep.  And now this morning I am paying for it.  I didn't want to get up and I am tired and not in a good mood because of it.

So, my goal for the next three days of the week are to get at least 8 hours of sleep.  If I get up when my alarm goes off this means going to bed no later than 11pm.  But I am definitely going to try going to bed earlier than that if I am feeling tired, which lately I have been.  (Probably doesn't help that I was up from around 8am Saturday until 6am Sunday morning...)

Help me out ladies, if  you see me tweeting and it's past my "bed time" call me out on it.  Send me to bed!


  1. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award!

  2. My problem is that when I do wake up, I pick up my phone and check social media instead of just going right back to sleep. My mom called me out on it. I need to set my phone across the room or something. Then I would really have to get up because I use it as my alarm! Good luck girl!


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