Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weekly What?


Happy Saturday peeps!

Unfortunately for me it's not such a happy Saturday.  I seem to have caught the cold my mom had (and passed on to my dad) so I'm not feeling the greatest.  But it's cloudy and is supposed to be all day so I don't feel so bad about sitting around my house doing nothing but blogging, blog reading, and reading of books.

But let's get to the good stuff shall we?  It's time for the Weekly What with Allie, Jenn, and Ricci.  Check out the recap of my blog posts for the week and see what you missed!

Weigh-In Wednesday happened where I linked up with Erin and Alex and shared my, once again, surprising weigh in.  Why was it surprising?  Well you'll just have to check out my post to find out!

This week's Random Thursday topic was Top 3 Books Turned Movies.  The three books turned movies I shared aren't necessarily my top three, just three in general that I enjoyed.  I can never choose a favorite anything so trying to put three different books/movies into order of which I loved more would be super difficult for me.

The Pits and Peaks of my week were shared when I linked up with Allie and Brin.  This week I didn't have anything too bad to complain about or anything extremely exciting to share but if you want to find out what I did share check it out!

I only did three posts this week but I felt really on top of it and was happy with my blogging.  Hope to keep it going next week!

Enjoy your weekend friends.  Happy Easter!

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