Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday - Another Surprise

Hello friends!!  This week has been dragging by for me.  As in I can't believe it's only Wednesday because yesterday felt like it should have been Thursday already.  There are a couple of good things about this Wednesday though.

One, Nashville on ABC is back after taking a couple of weeks off from new episodes.  I've missed watching this show!  It is one of my absolute favorites these days.  it's on at 10/9c if anyone is interested in watching it, or needs a reminder of when it's on.  I always record it on my DVR and then start watching it around 9:30 (I'm in the central time zone if you didn't catch on to that.) so I can fast forward through the commercials.  Who has time for commercials during their favorite show?!  Not this girl!

Two, The Real World is starting a new season tonight on MTV.  another late night show, it's on at 10/9c.  Good thing my DVR can record two shows at one time!  I haven't really seen the commercials for this season (who watches commercials any more?) so I'm not really sure what to expect but hopefully it's a good season.

And finally three, it is Weigh-In Wednesday so I got my boot-tay out of bed and headed upstairs to the living room to weigh in on the Wii Fit.  I'm going to be honest; I didn't do a damn thing between last Wednesday and this morning.  In fact, I probably ate a lot more than I should have last night between dinner and finishing off a carton of ice cream I had bought myself.  (read: so no one else could eat it since I paid for it.)

I went into my weigh in expecting to see a gain or no change.  Imagine my surprise when I stepped onto the scale and it told me my BMI was lower than last week's (it always show you this first).  I'm no math whizz so I didn't think the difference in BMI was that much so when I clicked on the weight button to see the difference in pounds I was shocked to see that I had lost 2.4 pounds since last week.

Yeah, 2.4 pounds are gone and I didn't do anything to earn that loss.  Being honest with myself and with all of you, I feel a bit guilty about losing that and the 1.1 pounds from the week before while not working for it.  There are people like Lex who are busting their asses in the gym and watching what they eat, genuinely trying to lose weight and then there's me who has been so off of the weight loss wagon since the beginning of the month and I just lost 3.5 pounds in two weeks.  How is that fair?

The justice in it is that if I continue down this path that I am on of not trying I will gain that weight back (plus some if I'm not careful) while those people busting their asses to lose weight will see success.

But that's not what I have in mind for myself.  I have a lot of reasons why I don't want to stay the way I am but I'm not going to go into them in this post.  (Maybe another?)  Just know that I want to lose weight so I will be getting my butt back on track with going to the gym and eating better.  I have to.  I don't see another option because staying the way I am is not an option to me.

Anyways, here are my stats.

Initial Starting Weight (highest recorded weight): 205
January Starting Weight: 202.8
Last week's Weigh In (3/20/13): 204.6
Today, March 27: 202.2

Don't forget to head over to check out the blogs by Erin and Alex, our hosts for Weigh-In Wednesday!  (I cannot get the button to work today, sorry guys!)

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