Friday, May 24, 2013

Drinking, because it's fun!

Thanks to the lovely Kelley [One Hot Southern Mess] the topic today is bars.  More specifically, country bars vs. city bars.  Actually if we’re being completely honest here, we have to thank my supervisor at work for telling me that I wouldn’t meet Mr. Right in a bar, I needed to go to church.  Yeeeeaaaah.  He’s weird.  This strange exchange with my supervisor led to me telling Kelley about it, which led to us discussing meeting people in bars, and then we ended up comparing country and city bars a bit.  So now we’re here…with this post.
Ms. Chelsea's Birthday Celebration
 The dress code is much more relaxed.
I know I know, there isn’t really a dress code in any bar other than the whole no shirt no shoes no service thing.  Well except on Halloween.  I’m pretty sure you can get away with almost anything on Halloween.  But at a country bar you can go out in whatever you please and not feel out of place.  Feel like getting dolled up? [I’m talking a little, not the whole 9 yards because then people will just wonder why you’re there.]  You can!  Feel like wearing yoga pants?  You can!  Jeans and a t-shirt?  You bet!  Seriously, you can wear almost anything and not feel awkward because you’re under dressed.
The drinks are cheaper.
Who wants to pay oodles of money to have a drink at a bar?  Not this girl!  I’d rather drink alone at home then because this chick has student loans to pay off and a new car payment [someday] so there’s no way I’m going to blow my money on expensive drinks.  And why are they more expensive anyways?  It’s the same alcohol last time I checked and yet drinking establishments in the city think they can charge you more?
Yummo drinks!
All music is good music.
More than likely the patrons at a country bar are in charge of the music that’s heard thanks to the good ol’ juke box.  As a result you hear all kinds of music and it’s awesome!  It’s not all country music but you bet your ass you’ll hear some.  The times I’ve been at city bars that didn’t have a band there was a DJ and I am pretty sure I can count the number of times I heard a country song on one hand.
No cover charge!
Seeing a band at a country bar = no cover charge!  I have yet to pay a cover charge to see a band play at one of my usual places.  I have however gone to see a band in town at a bar where I paid a cover charge even though I’ve seen the same band at a country bar and not paid.  You know it’s the bar then that’s invoking this cover charge.
Everyone knows your name.
Anyone think of Cheers when you read that?  I love going to one of my usual places because you know the bartenders and you know the other patrons.  Occasionally you’ll see people that don’t seem to know anyone stop in but we’re all friendly people so we don’t mind.  In addition to your name the bartenders know what you drink.  When I go out I love being able to just signal to the bartender that, yes I want another drink, but I don’t have to remind them what I’m drinking.  Any time I go out in town I’m constantly telling the bartender what I’m drinking, unless it’s a bottle of something in which case it’s pretty easy to guess.
There was great debate over what bar this was actually taken at for a while. Drinking will do that to ya!
I hope the next time someone suggests to go to a country bar when that’s not usually your scene that you don’t just wrinkle your nose up at the idea.  Try it!  You might be surprised how much fun you have while you’re there and will leave at the end of the night wondering why you never tried it out before.
**Disclaimer: I wrote this post based on my experiences with bars.  I live in Wisconsin where the bars aren’t hard to find and they outnumber churches.   So if you’re ever looking for a good time hit me up and I’ll show ya how we roll up here. ;) **
Now, for the first time ever I am linking up with the lovely Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants to Work for backthatazzup Friday!  [Thanks again Kelley for suggesting I do this.  You truly are a genius!]

I apologize that it's not a cool little thing from groove shark but I have no idea how to do that.  Blogging novice at work here.

This song has something for everyone Chardonnay, Fireball whiskey, beer, margaritas....and the title pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.  It also seems appropriate for a long weekend.  Enjoy!

TGIF!!  Enjoy your long weekends!


  1. I LOVE THAT SONG! And since I'm from the country, but I also live in a college town, I've been able to experience both sides of the bar scene and this was pretty spot on!

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