Friday, May 31, 2013

An award?! {Liebster}

I was nominated by the beautiful, wonderful Kelley from One Hot Southern Mess for the Liebster Award.  Not going to lie, this came at the perfect time for me because just the other day I was telling Kelley about how I didn’t really feel like writing about anything in particular.  Now thanks to this lovely award I have something!

So here’s how it works…1) Acknowledge the blog that nominated you [see above, thanks Kelley!] 2) Tell 11 facts about yourself 3) Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created 4) List 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that you believe deserve some recognition 5) Post 11 questions for them to answer 6) Notify them that they’ve been nominated [Obvs you can’t nominated the blog that nominated you.]
11 Facts about Me
(1)    I’m a Wisconsin girl through and through.  Yes, I’ve milked a cow before.
(2)    I learned to drive a manual last year so I could come home early from camping up north to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with my BFF.  Priorities people.
(3)    I have anger problems when driving.
(4)    I curse. A lot.  See #3 – I curse at other drivers even though they can’t hear me.
(5)    I watch NASCAR, football [NFL], and college softball.  I’m trying to get into watching baseball but the games are always on at such strange times to me that I can never keep it straight.
(6)    I hands down LOVE pasta and seafood.  Put them together and I’m an extremely happy girl.
(7)    I have one BFF and a handful of friends.  Quality over quantity is my rule of thumb.
(8)    No one IRL knows about my blog.  [As far as I know.]  Not sure that I will ever choose to share it but if someone finds out about it I guess that’s okay.
(9)    Bloggy friends are becoming real life friends and I love it!  [Hey Kelley, Kay, Lex, and Jenn!]
(10)  I can remember song lyrics like it’s nobody’s business.  Had I been able to remember things for school the same way I would have been a straight A student for sure!
(11)  I believe I need to find me a good southern boy to settle down with.  Gah, those accents!
Kelley’s Questions
(1)   Nail polish or natural? Polish for sure!  The only time I don’t have polish on is when I take the old stuff off but get too lazy to paint them again for a couple of days.
(2)   Beach or Mountains? Mountains
(3)   Beef or chicken? Beef
(4)   Who is your daily reads? Whitney, Sami, Kay, Kelley.  I love a lot of blogs but I always, always make sure that I at least read these blogs on my phone even if I don’t comment until later.
(5)   Drink of choice? Cherry Dr. + Mt Dew is my go-to drink.  I’m also fond of Dreamsicles and Captain + Pepsi.  I drink beer only occasionally when out with the guys because it makes me D-R-U-N-K!
(6)   What is one thing you love the most about blogging? I love connecting with people around the country that I would have never met otherwise.
(7)   Do you have an embarrassing middle name? Nope!  I have my momma’s name for my middle name.
(8)   What’s the last song you were singing to? Point At You by Justin Moore.  If looks could kill my BFF would have been dead Wednesday night after she said she didn’t like the song.  Nobody messes with my man Justin! [He’s part of the reason I think I need a southern boy.]
(9)   If you could move anywhere where would it be?  The south…NC…Raleigh…at least that’s my flavor of the month.  [Hey Kelley you got room for me down there?!]  It would also be kind of fun to move around the country as my BFF moves for her hubby’s job in the military.
(10)Favorite food?  Pasta, seafood, or Chinese.  I really can’t choose just one of them.
(11)What would you tell new bloggers?  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.  Chances are there is someone out there that can relate and blog-land is full of wonderful people who will offer advice and kind words.
11 Bloggers:
I also nominate anyone else who stops by my blog and wants to join in on the fun!  Horrible blogger I know but I didn't plan ahead and am running out of time before work to find more bloggers to nominate that have less than 200 followers. 
My Questions:
(1)    What’s your go-to outfit on any given day that you need to leave the house?
(2)    If your IRL people know about your blog, how did you decide you wanted to share it with them?
(3)    What’s one book that’s at the top of your list when someone asks for a recommendation?
(4)    Coffee: yay or nay?
(5)    Cooking or baking?
(6)    What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone leaving the nest [moving out of mom and dad’s house] for the first time?
(7)    Country or City?
(8)    Favorite Quote?
(9)    Original or Cool Ranch Doritos?
(10)  Name brand or generic?
(11)  How did your blog come to be and how would you describe it?
Can’t wait to learn more about all of you lovely nominees!  And I hope I shared some new interesting facts about me that you didn’t know before!


  1. Thank you for the nomination girl!!

    Pasta and seafood?? Absolutely!! I'm not sure how often you read my blog but I actually posted a recipe on pasta and shrimp.


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