Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

Once again let’s just go ahead and give me the worst blogger ever award.  Has it really been 3 days since I posted last?  Yes, yes it has Amy.  Get with the program!
Moving on to an update on how I am doing with my Diet Bet challenge, Bloggers Bustin’ Their Buns.
Starting Weight: 205.5
Goal Weight: 197.3
5/1 Weigh In: 203.0
5/8 Weigh In {Current}: 205
Lost: 0.5
To Go: 7.7
Odds: 23%
And let’s go right into a regular weigh in update which is about the same.  I didn’t lose my pants for this weigh in like I normally do but that still doesn’t excuse the gain I saw on the Wii Fit.
Initial Starting Weight (highest recorded weight): 205
January 2013 Starting Weight: 202.8
Last Week’s Weigh In: 202.4
May 8: 204.1
So I gained about 2 pounds this week.
Reasons for this gain are skipping the gym Friday, not doing a damn thing this weekend, 2 Mountain Dews Sat & Sun, and not watching my food intake like at all.
What I’ve been doing so far this week to try and get back on track is drinking water and lots of it, working out every day, and half-ass watching my food intake.
You’re probably thinking why isn’t she giving it her all with watching her food intake?  Well I’m wondering the same thing myself.
I just haven’t committed to watching what I’m eating / changing things up to be healthier yet.  I’m feeling pretty committed to the gym and water right now which I’m happy with.  But we all know that diet is 80% of the weight loss equation.
If, or I should say when, I get my ass in gear and start making plans for my diet overhaul it will be a lot easier to watch what I’m eating.  I’ve got the My Fitness Pal app on my phone which makes it really easy to log my calories.  So here’s to helping my mom make a grocery list / meal plan for the upcoming week and sticking to it.
I just have to say what I really love about MFP is that it calculates how many calories you need to eat on a daily basis to lose weight.  A deficit is already figured into the numbers so if you work out that increases the number of calories you can eat for the day.  Essentially I think it helps drive home the point that when you work out you need to eat more to fuel your body.
Let’s be honest though, I don’t need to worry about not eating enough.  I need to worry about eating the right foods and not eating too much.
So the cliff notes version of my recap is I gained this week, I’ve been doing well with my water intake during the week but need to work on it during the weekend, and I’m doing okay with being active but there’s room for improvement.
That’s all I’ve got for this week folks.  Check in with me next week to see how I’m doing with the Diet Bet challenge and how that diet is coming along!

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  1. lose or no lose you're still working at it and being conscious, so you go girl!!


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