Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday / DietBet Challenge

Happy Hump Day people!  Let's just go ahead and give me the worst blogger ever award.  I wrote this post on Wednesday during a slow day at work and had every intention of posting it when I got home that night.  Obviously that didn't happen since it is now noon on Saturday.
This week I have gotten back on the weight loss / get fit wagon.  Monday I didn’t do anything because it wasn’t until during the day Monday that while checking my Twitter feed that I saw a new Diet Bet Challenge that some bloggers would be participating in.  Thanks Jenn for Tweeting about it and inviting me!  I decided Monday that enough was enough.  I hadn’t been to the gym in forever.  I hadn’t been trying to eat better or even watch my portion sizes.  Enough was enough.  And to drive the point home I put $25 down in Diet Bet that I would lose 4% of my weight in 28 days.  {To read more about Diet Bet and how it all works check out their website.}
It’s a bit of a lofty goal for me since 4% = 8.2 pounds, which is like 2 pounds per week that I need to lose to reach the goal.  It is doable though so I’m committing to it and just going to work my butt off to reach that goal!
I weighed in for the Bloggers Bustin’ Their Buns Diet Bet game on Tuesday April 30th.  I used a digital scale my mom has in her bathroom and I was wearing “airport security” attire which for me meant compression capris and a t-shirt.  My starting weight for the game is 205.5.  In order to “win” I need to lose 8.2 pounds and reach 197.3 on the scale.
Since Wednesday is my regular weigh in day I decided to jump on the same scale this that morning.  Essentially I was wearing the same thing, yoga pants and a cami, and I lost weight already.  A miracle I tell you since I don’t really think my eating was that great yesterdaythe day before and one work out does not make pounds disappear.  But I’ll take it.  It has kind of jump started me and has me pumped to keep the scale moving in the right direction so I can get my money back!
Here are my stats for the Bloggers Bustin’ Their Buns game.
Starting Weight: 205.5
Goal Weight: 197.3
5/1 Weigh In [Current]: 203.0 {at 30% of my goal}
Lost: 2.5
To Go: 5.7
Odds: 33%
If you follow me on Twitter you’ll see some updates from Diet Bet popping up {like this Wednesday morning it told y’all that I lost 2.5 pounds} and it mentions coming to cheer me on…definitely do that if you have a second!  I would appreciate it to no end.  Who doesn’t love some cheerleading?!
Okay, enough of the Diet Bet business.  I also weighed in on my Wii Fit this morning in my less than “airport security” attire.  This is the official weight that I have been going by for as long as I’ve been trying to lose weight.  And this is also the weigh in you normally see on Weigh In Wednesday {when I’m actually participating}.
Initial Starting Weight (highest recorded weight): 205
January 2013 Starting Weight: 202.8
Last Weigh In (4/10/13): 203
May 1: 202.4
Soooo MFP says I lost 1.1 pounds since my last weigh in…in order for that to be true my last weigh in needs to be 203.5, not 203.  Going to need to review the tapes on this one!  But I didn't because I'm lazy obviously.
Either way I am moving in the right direction.  Going to keep it that way too!
I’m drinking water like I can’t get enough of it!  I’m getting back into the gym.  And I have plans to work on those pesky eating habits of mine that need some revamping.
Overall, today was a good day in the weigh in world.  I’ll see y’all next week with hopefully another good update!
**I am not southern but saying “you all” all the time sounds weird so y’all it is!  Hope no one minds!**

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