Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 for Five - The Gym!

Hiya friends!

Generally 5 for Five is a Monday post but I didn't get around to typing this up until late Monday night so you're getting it on a Tuesday.

And you're getting two posts in one day!  Feel special peeps. ;)


As the title of this week's 5 for Five post suggests I'm going to be focusing on the gym this week.

I just joined my very first DietBet game and in order to reach my goal of losing 4% of my starting body weight I know I need to get back into the gym!

So my goals for the week are this...

1.  Sleep in work out clothes!
This will make getting to the gym in the morning just that much easier because there is no hunting around for a sports bra, pants, or t-shirt since I'll already be wearing that stuff.

2.  Pack "gym bag" before going to bed.
I say "gym bag" because it's not really a bag for the gym.  It's a bag for after the gym so I can get ready for work at my aunt's house.  This bag includes clothes for work, makeup, hair products, shampoo & conditioner, and towels.

3.  Plan & Prep breakfast before going to bed.
I've found that I don't feel as well while working out if I eat something beforehand.  Even just a banana is too much for me.  So that means eating breakfast after working out which means I need to take it with me when I leave my house in the morning.  Planning and prepping my breakfast the night before means it's just grab and go the morning of, super convenient!

4.  Take water!
I'm horrible at drinking water on a regular basis.  But we all know hydration is important for our bodies.  If I take a water bottle for my work out in the morning this also means I have a water bottle for the rest of the day.  {We have new water machines at work so I have no excuse not to drink water at work!}

5.  Work out 3/5 days.
I'm starting this week off with 3 work outs in 4 days.  If I'm feeling good and decide I want to go for 4 I will but I don't want to over commit this first week back and "fail" at my goal.  I want to set myself up for success so it's baby steps for now.

Ideally if I accomplish #5 I will accomplish #1-4 because those all lead up to #5.

What's one of your goals for this week?


  1. I love this. I seriously need to start going to the gym. My fiance has a membership and he goes every so often but I've only been once. I think its more because I have no idea where to being. I usually just do workouts at home. Whether it be On Demand or on the Wii Fit (which is amazing by the way!). I like the idea of getting everything ready before bed. A few weeks ago my fiance and i agreed to go to the gym early one morning but then slept in and never went. I have no excuse if I pack the night before!

  2. Hey Amy, found your blog via hangonhoney.com ! I love the goals you are setting for yourself. I do the same thing typically, having one that focuses on shaping my body and one that focuses on improving my happy level. I'm curious with your goals do you reward yourself for meeting them? I've been kicking around the idea of setting up a reward system. Example: 2 weeks of sticking to my 5k training schedule and I get a pedi. Until I stick to my training schedule NO PEDI!!! GASP... You don't understand, this girl needs her pedis. So maybe my reward will work as super motivation?? Thoughts?



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