Friday, April 5, 2013

Random Thursday - A Day In The Life...

Every wonder what a normal day is like in my life?  Well you're in luck because this week's Random Thursday topic is all about a day in the life...of me!

I'm going to give you a day in the life of me from the perspective of how things should go on any given day of the week.  Now if you've been following me for any period of time you've probably picked up on the fact that I like to stay up later than I should and then as a result use the snooze button one too many times in the morning.  So, does my day always go the way I'm going to describe it below?  Absolutely not!  But in a perfect world it would.

6:45am Alarm goes off, Check social media on phone while laying in bed
6:50am Take care of any bathroom needs
7:00am Make & Eat Breakfast
7:15am Blogging Time (reading, commenting, posting, Tweeting, etc.)
7:30am Shower Time!
7:45am Be out of shower / Begin getting dressed
8:00am Begin Hair
8:45am Finish Hair / Start Makeup
9:00am Finish Makeup / Finishing Touches on Hair
9:00-9:15am Put lunch into bag, grab cell phone, purse, laptop, car keys to head out the door
9:15-9:45am Drive to work while listening to iPod full of country music
10:00am-6:00pm Work {Lunch Between 12 and 1, ate at desk while working}
6:05-6:35pm Drive home while listening to iPod full of country music
6:40pm After removing shoes and placing everything I'm carrying on the ground be greeted by Bo [wagging tail & overly excited puppy kisses]
6:45pm Change into Yoga/sweat pants & comfy tshirt and/or sweatshirt
6:50pm [or later] Eat dinner with the family
7:00-9:00pm Watch TV/ Blog / Social Media [sprinkle in household chores such as laundry, prepping breakfast/lunch for tomorrow, etc.]
9:00-10:00pm Watch DVR'd shows
10:00pm In bed to either go to sleep, read, or watch DVD (movie or TV episode)
10:30pm Shut down for sleep (if not already sleeping)

Well I got through writing up my ideal schedule and realized that I left out the gym!  I hang my head in shame as this is probably because I haven't been to the gym in about a month.

Here's the revised morning schedule to my day when I go to the gym.  I will definitely need to look into breakfast more because I have found I can't eat before I work out, even a little bit.  So it will take some more planning on my part to figure out what I can make myself after my work out without access to my kitchen and supplies.

6:30am Alarm goes off, get up to use bathroom & put contacts in
6:45am Grab all necessary (already packed) bags for the day
7:00am Drive to the gym
7:30am Arrive at gym, change shoes, begin workout
8:00am Finish work out, Drive to Aunt's house
8:15am Shower Time
8:30am Done with shower, put on essential clothing, start hair
8:50am Finish getting dressed [hair is now blown dry]
9:15am Complete hair, Makeup
9:25am Finish Makeup, finishing touches on hair
9:25-9:50am Drive to work

In both cases my morning really revolves around me prepping what I can the night before, something I am really slacking on.  But the few times that I have actually prepped the night before for the day ahead everything has gone a lot more smoothly and I am less stressed so I definitely want to get into the routine of doing this on a daily basis.  Part of the prepping the night before I go to the gym includes wearing my work out attire to bed.  Most of it is pretty comfy so it's not a big change from my normal PJs.

There you have it folks, a day in the life of me.  Probably more than most of you every wanted to know about my daily life during the week.  As you can clearly tell I am single and have no kids so my daily life is pretty easy and revolves around me.

I'm linking up with Em, Lin, and Meg a day late for Random Thursday. :)

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  1. Man, I'll never even DREAM of being that organized - even without the gym! Also I'm so jealous that you don't have to leave the house until 9:15! I am so not a morning person and these 7:30AM buses are kicking my ass. Ah well, the things we do for the moola, hey?

    Thanks for linking up and sharing with us!


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