Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weekly What? Lazy Blogger Edition


I was a lazy blogger this week so I don't have much to share in my Weekly What? post but here we go.

Weigh In Wednesday happened...wrote about it while I was at work...then didn't post it until Thursday morning.  Like I said, lazy blogger.

Prepare yourself because I wrote my Random Thursday post on Thursday but then didn't post it until Friday.  [Lazy blogger!!]  Curious what a day in my life looks like, or should look like?  This week's Random Thursday post was about just that so head on over to this post to check it out!

Aaaaand that's all I wrote.  Lame I know.

If only I could spend my time at work blogging instead of sitting there twiddling my thumbs when there is no work for me to do.  Super frustrating part of my job right now.  I vented in my Pit & Peak post last week about it if you are curious what I'm going on about.

I opened up some swap spots on my side bar.  If you're interested in swapping let me know so I can give you the promo code so it's FREE!

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