Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pit & Peak - Spring is Here!

**I wrote this post Friday at work and then ended up not making it home until 1am which lead to not being posted until now (Sunday).  So imagine it's still Friday when you're reading this!**
TGIF people!  Every week I am so happy when Friday rolls around simply because it means I only have to get through 8 more hours of work until I have two whole days off to do whatever I want.
I’m linking up with Brin and Allie for Pit & Peak so buckle up and let’s get going.
My work friend Ashley was offered a job closer to home last weekend and Tuesday she put in her two week notice.  I’ve only worked with her since December but we’ve become friends and she helps me  make it through the work day.  While I’m sad to see her go I know that it’s the best decision for her.
While I’m feeling better than last week when I Was An Emotional Hot Mess I’m still not 100% because I’ve been doing some things I know aren’t the best for me on my weight loss plan.
It snowed the morning of April 25th.  Can you imagine, it’s almost May and Wisconsin is still getting winter weather?!  It sucks!
Spring has finally decided to show its face around here!  Just a day after receiving 2 inches of snow we’re supposed to be reaching a high in the 60’s {ended up being in the low 70's!!} and it’s supposed to be even better in the upcoming days!
I rocked a dress to work!  Normally I don’t choose to wear a dress just because.  But after last summer when I would roast my ass off while Chelsea was cool as a cucumber {okay that’s an exaggeration but she was still cooler than me} I decided to take her advice and look at dresses for the summer.  Old Navy pulled through for me the other weekend and I found one that I liked.  Definitely sad I didn’t rock dresses before this!
I was contacted to do my first product review.  I am pretty pumped about it and cannot wait to get the product and then review it for all of you to read!
Fish Fry Friday happened.  Love me a good fish fry.
Hope you all had a great week that was filled with more peaks than pits!

{I know I didn't vlog my Pits & Peaks but I couldn't find the HTML code for the regular one.  Sorry!}


  1. hope you had a great weekend! yes, it is totally time to rock some dresses so that spring is really here! it's one of my favorite parts about nice weather!

  2. I've been doing the dress thing too. this weekend was beautiful. I thought only New England would have snow one day and 70s the next!

    The whole weight loss plan, thats me too. Started out so good but then got busy with school and such and kind of didnt care. I'm trying to get back on track! You can do this :)

    Hope the rest of your weekend was great!


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