Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beaches, Rustic Cabins, or Cities? [Random Thursday]

It's been a while since I've linked up for Random Thursday but I really liked this week's topic and I wasn't feeling motivated to come up with a blog post on my own.  {Side note: go check out Venus Trapped in Mars for the What Inspires Your Blog Posts link up for inspiration for your next blog post!}

Back to the beaches, rustic cabins, and cities though.  We're talking about favorite vacation spots.  Most often I'm vacationing in my parents 5th wheel camper which is closest to rustic cabins. We never truly rough it though which means we have water and electricity.  More often than not we are camping in the north woods of Wisconsin with no cell phone reception.  But this fall we have plans to go to a campground that has Wifi and cable!

Through the blogging world I'm learning to open my eyes.  Reading about other's adventures in the cities or at the beach is opening my eyes and mind to new possibilities.  So maybe {hopefully} in the future I'll be able to try out all of the vacation spots.  Maybe I'll even stay in an actual cabin some day...

What about you?  Where is your favorite vacation spot?

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  1. I've always wanted to rent an RV and go camping up Pacific Coast Hwy. Has it happened or will ever happen? No and not likely but it's still something on my bucket list :) Camping with wifi...hells yes!

  2. I really miss camping in MN/WI!


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