Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm from the country... [Weekend Shenanigans]

And I like it that way!

Tracey Byrd any one?

Friday night our whole family went to Homestead for a fish fry to celebrate my dad and aunt's birthday. There we no pictures from Friday night which my aunt is probably thankful for if you know what I mean.

Saturday morning Bo had his yearly check-up with the vet at 7:30am.  All checked out well with our 60 pound lap dog.  We made a pit stop at Fleet Farm to grab some treats for Bo and to kill some time before the chiropractor appointment at 9am.  The picture of Bo above is when we were waiting for my mom to be adjusted.  He was such a good boy inside the office.  He got a little excited when my mom came out but he settled right down after I left him.

The rest of my weekend was spent doing manual labor unloading hay.  Thankfully the humidity has been low so even though it's hot we didn't die.  We even re-enacted an AT&T commercial when talking about the breeze by saying, "We want more we want more. If you really like it you want more!"

Sunday we had a minor mechanical breakdown which resulted in a break so we headed home.  Because we were all sweaty messes full of hay we threw sheets on all of the furniture to protect it.  The Smurfs made an appearance and I brought new meaning to the term "hot mess".  If you look closely you can see the hay stuck to my forehead.  As a result of two days of manual labor I now have some color on my legs and some sunburn on my arms.  It only took me half of the summer to get some color.

Not a lot of shenanigans happened since I called it a night early Friday (unlike my aunt) and I was beat after Saturday's day of unloading hay so I didn't go to the birthday party I had been invited to.  But that doesn't mean I can't link up, right?
Sami's Shenanigans

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  1. Right when I saw the title of this post I started singing "everybody knows everybody, everybody calls you friend.." hahaha Love that song. And love the country! Yay for you getting color, hah!

  2. I feel like your aunt and I could be best friends! haha! ah, summer tan! Im looking forward to getting more sun in the next few weeks! Following from the hop!


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