Friday, July 26, 2013

Happiest Girl in the World

If you've been around these parts any length of time you've picked up on the fact that I am a fan of country music.  Like, it's pretty much all that I listen to.  I'm a huge fan of Justin Moore.  I've blogged about seeing him in concert a couple of times {here and here}.  And now I have the chance to do it again!

I don't know how I didn't know about this upcoming concert at the Central Wisconsin State Fair in Marshfield.  It's shocking really.

But yesterday as I was driving home from work my mom called me and said she just heard on the radio about how Justin Moore was going to be there.  I was ecstatic! Like I was dancing around my house singing, "I'm going to see Justin Moore."

I purchased two reserved seats at $17.25 a piece + some BS fees so like $35 total.  Gate admission into the fair has to be purchased as well {$10 a piece} but it's still so much cheaper than other concerts!

I am now waiting on hearing from my friend Tammy if she can go with me.  If not I'll be looking for another willing party.  Any of my blogging ladies want to come to Wisconsin for a night??

To say I am pumped is like the understatement of the year!  I'm going to be so much closer to him on stage than ever before and I can barely contain myself!

I'm now off to get ready for work where I will be asking about rearranging my work schedule a tiny bit the Wednesday of the concert.

But before I leave you I'm going to link up with Whitney Ellen for #backthatazzup!
I am also going to link up with Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars for some Fan Friday fun!  She just changed this link up to be for fans of anything, not just sports.  Perfect timing!
Venus Trapped in Mars
Peace out friends!  Enjoy your Friday!! :)
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  1. JUSTIN MORE!!!! I saw him in concert last year and I LOVED him. The venue was quite small too which made it even better. He really knows how to tear at your heart strings, then perk you right back up with the next song!

  2. I love love love him! I saw him once with Miranda Lambert & once with Eric Church. He is so amazing!


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